Lifestyle Uses for Crimsafe Screens

Most people know Crimsafe for it's security protection for homes and businesses, but these screens also have a lifestyle use, helping to protect your family in more ways than you've considered. Living in South East Queensland means plenty of time spent outdoors playing in the pool, relaxing on the balcony or having dinner on the [...]

3 Key Benefits to Installing Security Screens on Your Brisbane Property

There's no denying that Brisbane is a pretty amazing place to live - for a city, there's a great lifestyle without all the rushing and hustle of other capital cities. Unfortunately though, as with almost everywhere else, there is still a need for installing security screens on your Brisbane property, whether it be your home [...]

Where Can I Buy Security Screen Doors?

If you've been spending a bit more time at home recently, you've probably been walking around the house looking at what maintenance needs doing, or what needs to be upgrades. You may have realised that those old screen doors on your front and back door really aren't doing much for the security of your home [...]

Benefits of Security Screens During Winter

Winter is coming. Many of us are starting to wish we had warmer homes. Or that we had an effective heating system in place. But what does this have to do with security? It is true that Crimsafe security screens offer superior security during all months of the year. However, in addition, there are many [...]

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Tips on Cleaning Gold Coast Security Shutters

Have you recently had security shutters installed on your Gold Coast home and wondering what the best way to clean them is? Over time, shutters can collect dirt, dust and general debris making your home look unloved. Cleaning your security shutters is really easy - just set aside a couple of hours on a weekend [...]

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Choosing the Best Security Screens Brisbane

When you want your family to be safe at home, choosing the best security screens in Brisbane is important. But how do you know when you are getting the best for your budget? That's where the team at Securelux can help. Tips on Choosing the Best Security Screens Brisbane Know what kind of security screen [...]

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Protecting yourself with 3M Film on the Gold Coast

Feeling safe and secure in our homes and businesses is important; you can add security with 3M Film on your Gold Coast home or business for instant added protection. While products like Crimsafe allow you to keep your family and home safe while providing airflow, 3M Film offers extra protection to your glass windows. Benefits [...]

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Security shutters on the Gold Coast

Securelux supplies top quality security shutters on the Gold Coast. Allow our skilled team to ensure the safety of your family with these amazing products. The best security shutters on the Gold Coast. At Securelux we are committed to only installing top quality security products. We truly believe that when it comes to the safety and [...]

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