Australia is a great place to explore with your caravan, but like anything you want to ensure that your belongings are safe. Whether it’s parked up at home awaiting your next trip, or you’ve unhitched and left it at the caravan park for the day while you go out exploring, there are ways to keep your belongings safe.

Crimsafe is well known for being able to protect homes and businesses from intruders, but when it comes to caravans it can be a little more tricky. Because caravan doors aren’t always standard, there can be issues in installing Crimsafe screens.

One of the biggest issues with securing caravan doors is the constant movement & the ever changing environment are not ideal for triple lock doors like Crimsafe. This needs to be factored in prior to installing a door. Because caravan windows don’t require lock systems these can be installed more regularly to caravans but further assessment is required to ensure installation can be effectively completed to our high installation standards.

The other issue that caravannners need to take into consideration when thinking about security screen doors is quick exit from inside the caravan in an emergency. The last thing you want is to leave your only exit point as the door in the instance of a fire or another issue. Security screens need to be easily released from the inside.

If you are considering Crimsafe on your caravan, the best option is to call our team at Securelux so that we can take a look and explain your options. If Crimsafe isn’t suitable, a security film may be another option. It provides security to your caravan while you aren’t there, however it does mean that you cannot leave your windows open for ventilation while away from your van.

At Securelux we understand the need of security for your home on the road. We have a range of products that may suit your caravan needs and encourage you to contact us to discuss your requirements.