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If you are researching the best security screen on the market, there are several things to consider when comparing Crimsafe to Prowler Proof. Crimsafe screens and sliding doors pass all the Australian Standards tests with flying colours. Read more in these posts

Which Security Door Should I Buy?

When it comes to choosing a security door for your home, the choice often comes down to three factors: Price Aesthetics Style of Door While there are plenty of security doors on the market, choosing the right one doesn't need to be difficult. Crimsafe and Prowler Proof are two of the biggest names in the [...]

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Where to Buy Screen Doors

Screen doors – whether you need to replace one you already have, or you are looking at installing them for the first time, you’ve probably done some research on where to buy screen doors. Look, you can buy screen doors almost anywhere, but it really comes down to what features the screen door provides and [...]

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What are the Best Doors for Security

Have you been wondering what the best doors for security are? Whether you own a home or a business, it is important to secure your property; and in doing so, you need to know that you have the best options on the market. Securelux offers a couple of great security doors, which means we have [...]

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