Many homeowners have taken the step of installing security screen doors on their standard opening front doors. However when it comes to other doors in the home, they are often lost when looking for security screens for sliding screen doors.

With a variety of home styles, it can be difficult to find sliding screen doors to fit, particularly if you are looking at purchasing them at your local hardware store. These screen doors are usually a standard size, and don’t take into consideration doors like bi-parting sliding doors and stacking sliding doors.

The Prowler Proof 7mm Heavy Duty security screens are perfect for sliding doors. While they may look the same as other diamond security screens you see on the market, there is a difference – there are no visible rivets and joints. These screens look as though they are made in one piece, and that really isn’t far from the truth.

Benefits of Heavy Duty Diamond Doors

We mentioned above that the Prowler Proof sliding doors look like they are made in one piece. The big difference between these screens and others on the market is that they are welded together and not held together by rivets. This makes them up to 20 times stronger than standard sliding door security screens on the market.

The diamond security screens are able to fit a variety of door styles including single and bi-parting sliding doors and stacking sliding doors, making them perfect for your backdoor, garage or other entry door security.

The best thing is that the Prowler Proof diamond security screens are quick and easy to install. A simple call to Securelux on 1300 115 151 to organise a consult and quote sees your doors being measured and inspected to ensure the best possible installation option. You will then be advised or the best way to proceed. Once your doors have been manufactured (between 4-12 days), a specialist fitter will install them for you – less worry and less fuss.

Get your home secured with sliding door security screens from Securelux.