With summer quickly approaching, now is the time to consider putting Crimsafe security screens and doors on your Gold Coast home. With a woven stainless steel mesh that is stronger and more attractive than other products on the market, Crimsafe is, after more than 20 years, still the industry leader in stainless steel security products.

There are plenty of benefits to installing Crimsafe on your Gold Coast home, allowing you to soak in the Gold Coast lifestyle while still keeping your family and your belongings safe.

5 Reasons to Install Crimsafe on the Gold Coast this Summer

Superior strength against impacts

Crimsafe’s reputation as being the strongest stainless steel security mesh on the market has been back up by independent testing by the University of Queensland, beating the Australian Standards. This means intruders will have a hard time breaking into your home using force or with tools such as screwdrivers. The strength of the security screens also provides fall protection from windows and balconies, ensuring your children are safe with openable windows.

Energy efficient

We all know how expensive it can get to continuously run the air conditioner through summer on the Gold Coast. Crimsafe can reduce the solar heat gain in your home by up to 53%. The security screens providing a cooling efficiency equivalent of a 3 Star WERS rating. If you want more protection for your family, Tensile-Tuff security mesh can also block up to 62% of harmful UV rays from entering the home.

Fire Resistant

While there don’t tend to be a lot of fires in the central regions of the Gold Coast, outlaying areas do see fires in summer. Crimsafe screens are perfect for those living in bushfire areas, as the screens provide added protection from ember attacks, reducing radiant heat and protecting glass from the impact of flying debris. These security screens can help prevent up to 59% of radiant heat from a fire, and Crimsafe’s screens can be used in the highest bushfire rating zones.

Cyclone and Storm Protection

While cyclones don’t tend to be prevalent on the Gold Coast, the city still sees some severe storms and can often get the tail end of cyclones moving down the coastline. Standard Crimsafe security screens pass cyclone debris tests, keeping your home safe against flying debris from cyclones and storms. It is approved your use in Cyclone regions C and D. Cyclone Debris Screens have passed the highest level of cyclone screening and can also be used in the above zones.

Insect Protection

We know that with summer comes insects, annoying ones. Crimsafe’s Tensile-Tuff security mesh can keep up to 99% of mosquitoes out of your home, meaning less mozzie bites and a more restful sleep.

If you’ve been considering installing Crimsafe on your Gold Coast home, now is the time. Crimsafe licensees, Securelux, can help you get the right screens for your home. Manufactured in between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, your security screens will be custom made for your home, ensuring a great fit and even better security. Contact Securelux to organise an inspection and quote today.