The availability of window security screens is well known, however there are many homeowners who don’t quite like the look of a window screen aesthetically, but still want a level of security to protect their home and their family. If this sounds like you, a window security film may be just what you are after.

What is Window Security Film?

Window security film is a versatile yet extremely thin film that is applied directly to your windows. There are two benefits to the film; the first is of course the security side of things. 3M Security Film is made up of multiple, micro-thin layers of a tear and penetration resistant material which gives you some great protection. The adhesive holds the glass together upon impact, so even if someone breaks the glass, they still won’t be able to enter your property.

The second great benefit to the 3M Security Film is that it helps to provide insulation to your home. In summer, it will help block UV rays, while in winter, it can help to reduce heat loss by providing a seal around your window. Less on your electricity bills and a better level of security all in one product.

What is the Cost of Window Security Film?

As with anything when it comes to window security, the cost of the 3M Security Film varies based on a variety of factors. There are a couple of different films available with various benefits which affect the pricing, while the size of your windows and how easy or difficult they are to reach will also affect the pricing. It is important when choosing which security film option to use that you compare the benefits to the cost of the install.

If you’re considering installing a security option on the windows at your home or business, Securelux can talk you through the benefits of security film.

A common combination we see here at Securelux is securing the opening side of your window or sliding door with Crimsafe and securing your fixed panel with 3M Security Film. We offer both products which provides you with a range of security products to choose from.

As a local, family run business we know that ensuring the security of your home or business is important. Call us today for a consultation and quote.