Securelux has over 40 years of industrial experience supplying security screens to the residential and commercial market. The business has grown in recent years from 5 family members to now a team of 20.

Securelux has built its success by building its reputation in the market place as a leader in high quality products and services. Securelux plan to further grow their business in 2020 through an increased team and product line. Only by recruiting the right people can Securelux fulfill its goal of becoming the first national supplier of security screen installers.

Securing Your World, Protecting Your Peace of Mind.

Vision Statement:

Bold Plan for Life

At Securelux, our vision is to become the industry leaders in innovative and customized security solutions for residential and commercial properties across Australia. We strive to be synonymous with unparalleled excellence in security standards and technology that meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Our vision is not just about providing security but creating a sanctuary for our customers – a place where they can be themselves, leave their worries at the door, and experience true peace and freedom. We believe in crafting spaces that are more than just four walls, where individuals can feel safe and free to cultivate the essence of their homes.

We aim to create a world where every home is a fortress, a realm separated from the outside world where crime is a thing of the past, and the value of a home is in the memories created, not in concerns over security.

Mission Statement:

Your Sanctuary to Be You

Our mission at Securelux is to empower our employees to create a safer world through inventive and tailored security solutions. We pledge to provide
outstanding customer service and nurture enduring relationships built on trust, respect, and integrity.

We believe in fostering a culture of creativity, collaboration, and continuous learning, inspiring our employees to surpass the norm, exceed expectations, and create that feeling of home for our clients. Our commitment is to invest in our employees’ personal and professional development, cultivating an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone can flourish.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure that our customers feel true solace in their sanctuary, the comfort of their home, without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. We believe in a world where fear is net-zero, where homes are the epitome of freedom.

We aspire to be the trusted and respected name in the security industry, making homes built for no crime, but only memories. Our relentless commitment to quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service aims to ensure that everyone can come home, close their door, and feel free. After all, there may be many things we can’t control, but the security of our homes shouldn’t be one of them.

Securelux Values:


Respect Ourselves. Respect the Team.
Respect your Customers. Respect your Suppliers.
Respect People’s Homes.
Respect Your Work Environment.

Respect is a core value of the Securelux Team and is fundamental to both individual success and the teams success.


Your day will be impacted by your attitude so always be positive towards:

Your Travel
Your Customers
Your Day’s Work
Your Team Members
Most importantly your loved ones at the end of each work day.

Attitude is everything to the way we perceive our day, we are all in a position where we need to work so let’s make sure we leave a positive experience with each and every person we encounter.


Learn from your mistakes.
Don’t make the same mistake twice.
Challenge yourself, push your boundaries and be willing to learn. Impart your knowledge onto others.

Learning is fulfilling and is the only way we will grow as a team and reach our team’s goals. The other important factor in learning is teaching, without teachers no one will learn. So everyday learn so you can teach.


Our work brings us daily challenges so where possible:

Bring Happiness to others. Have a laugh.
Enjoy your team’s company. Share in any team events.

There are many times throughout the week that require you to be serious so in the other moments HAVE FUN!


Don’t settle for good, become GREAT!
Always bring the best version of you!
Don’t compromise an excellent job with a silly decision.

Striving for Excellence is a great path to individual and team success.


Take responsibility for your own actions.
For your job. For your mistakes. For your decisions.

Never blame others, always accept responsibility for your part in the process. Empower others to take responsibility for their decisions and accept constructive feedback as feedback NOT criticism. We are all apart of the company vision so embrace the responsibility you have in your role with the team.


No team member says ‘that’s’ not my responsibility.’
Always offer to lend a hand to a team member.
Help your team mates to be the best they can be.
Work together to reach all goals set before them.

Securelux believes everyone who comes to work each day should act like a Team Leader. As a team leader at Securelux you set the example when it comes to listening to others and what is required each day for the team to achieve their goals.


Under promise, Over Deliver!

Strive to be the top contributor in your team.
Look after your team and they will look after you.
Customers trust those who are reliable and we are all about building trust.

Our job process requires many hands and a lot of knowledge from within the team. More hands makes for smarter work and challenging this will only make our team vision a more distant and complicated one.


Know, do not assume.
Ask questions if you are not clear what is required.
Be proactive, not reactive.
Always communicate with kind words.
Find the shortest way to communicate correctly.

Communication is the link between all our team values. If communication breaks down all of our team values are under threat. Communication guidelines are set out for a reason and as a team it is our duty to follow them.

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