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Why Choose Securelux for 3M Security Glass Window Film?

We understand just how important protecting your family and home is – and it isn’t just protecting your possessions; protecting those who live in your home, or work in your business, ensuring they are safe from unwanted intruders is at the top of most people’s list. At Securelux, we don’t believe you can be too safe when it comes to your home and family or business. We believe 3M Security Film is one of the best products you can install on your door and security window on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane.

Crimsafe is well known for providing some of the best safety and security for your family while still allowing you to enjoy natural airflow through your home through open windows. 3M Security Film sits on top of your glass windows and provides maximum security by protecting glass panels from being broken.

Intruders are looking for quick and easy entry into your home – they want to be in and out before anyone has noticed. 3M Security Film prevents easy access and when combined with Crimsafe security screens, intruders will be deterred from entering your property.

If you’ve already got security windows in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, adding 3M Security Film to the glass panels provides an extra layer of protection.

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How does 3M Security Film Work?

3M™ Security Film uses a proprietary tear and penetration resistant material, providing superior strength over other standard films on the market. Ordinary window films can easily tear but as 3M Security Film is made using multiple, micro-thin layers, it makes your windows incredibly strong. 3M™ High Mass Clear Adhesives hold the glass together upon impact. We can also retrofit application of 3M to existing annealed glass to Australian Safety Glazing Standards.

Security for your home is so important, as it is where you and your family spend most of your time. Installing security offers peace of mind, allowing you to feel safe in your own home.

Where Should I Install 3M Security Film?

While we recommend you should consider all windows and glass doors throughout your home, we believe that any glass panel besides entry doors are a top priority. Intruders will generally try your front door to see if it is unlocked, and breaking this panel of glass allows them easy access to your home.

Benefits of 3M Security Film


If you’ve ever experienced a break-in, you’ll know that cleaning up the broken glass isn’t an easy job. 3M Security Film not only protects your home from intruders but also prevents glass being broken in the first place.

3M Protective Film has plenty of safety benefits including:

  • Stopping injuries resulting from children or adults accidently crashing through glass doors or windows.
  • Offering protection against flying shards of glass if your home sustains damage in a storm or natural disaster.
  • Offering protection from outdoor activities such as ball sports, flying rocks from the mower or for those who live close to a golf course wanting to avoid those wayward shots.
Heat & Glare Control

Another benefit to 3M Film is the heat and glare control which is perfect for those hot summer days natural light, reducing the amount of UV rays.

  • Our films can reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat and 93% of annoying glare.
  • The sun’s ultraviolet rays are a major contributor to fading. Carpeting, furniture, electronic appliances, and blinds/curtains represent a sizable investment that can quickly lose value when damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun.


3M Safety & Security Film can provide extra security to your home.

  • 3M™ provides a penetration and tear-resistant shield to your existing glass to deter smash & grab crimes.
  • Thieves usually give up quickly because they can’t gain easy access.
  • Vandalism could be limited to replacing a glass pane.

Energy Efficiency

With power bills getting expensive, anything that can save money and energy costs, in the long run, is well worth it!

  • 3M can stop up to 78% of the sun’s heat entering your home which saves you money running the air conditioner.
  • The installation of 3M™ window film will contribute to reducing energy consumption and the production of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

If you’re looking to discuss installation of 3M Security Film on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane, contact Securelux on 1300 11 51 51 to arrange a free measure, quote and consultation.

Why Choose Securelux

There are plenty of reasons to choose Securelux to install your security screens and doors.

Client Testimonials

From the quote stage to Installers checking the quote details, then re-checking on part of the staged installation, the care taken and professionalism was outstanding. The quote was reasonable compared to others, but I relied more on the Google reviews as these were all positive. I highly recommend this company. Ours was a more complex installation and it was carried out in excellent fashion. The installation was a large Crimsafe Security Door and side panels enclosing a porch area and 3M security film to some windows

John H
Great competitive price for Crimsafe Premium security screen. I was lucky to have quick installation before Christmas season starts. Geoff measured the door and Shane installed – both very professional. And so were the girls in the office – Amanda and Rebecca. I love my new door and it’s nice to have a breeze running through the house now!
Masha Bowran

Really great – efficient, prompt, arrived when they said they would and a very neat and nicely finished job indeed! Would highly recommend!

Sue Fergusson

We love the look of our new Crimsafe. Securelux was a great company to deal with and the staff were all worthy of five stars.
The fitters were polite, hard working and left everything tidy and clean. Thank you Securelux.

Julie Rogerson

Professionalism personified. The process right through to the after installation follow up call has been really refreshing from a family company with good old family values and service. Can highly recommend their services and their products to anyone considering purchasing from this company. Thanks to each and every one from Securelux that had a hand in delivering this product to us in such a non hassle friendly manner.

Lindsay Sanderson

Great customer service by the entire team…from Adrian who did the quote, office staff organising fittings and the lovely gent who installed our doors and windows…name escapes me. 100% recommend this company to Anyone after crimsafe screens and windows.

Erin Dolan

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