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Secure your home without hiding the view

Sliding Security Screen Doors make sense

Many Australians only look at adding flyscreens to their existing sliding door system. But wouldn’t it be great if you could protect both the people and the views?

Crimsafe Sliding Security Screens are as secure as they are stylish, and can be installed in conjunction with an existing sliding door system. A locking mechanism is fitted inside the door frame and three locking points are secured in the outer frame channel. The sliding door panel is secured tightly between the tracks to prevent lateral lifting and provide smooth, easy access.

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Benefits of our Sliding Doors

Crimsafe Sliding Screen Doors feature our exclusive ScrewClamp™ system and 304 structural grade mesh. They are designed to keep insects and the burglars out, while allowing natural light and cool breezes to flow through your home. Other benefits include:

  • Security across narrow or wide expanses
  • More secure alternative to flyscreens
  • No bars or grilles hindering views
  • Screens that can slide to the right or left
  • A design that prevents lateral lifting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Crimsafe Sliding Security Screen Doors have numerous advantages for your home. They provide security for both wide and narrow areas, keeping out insects and intruders while enabling natural light and fresh air to enter. Moreover, the doors can slide to either the left or right, and their design makes it impossible to lift them laterally. Most importantly, they provide security without interfering with the view because they do not have any bars or grilles.

The Crimsafe Sliding Screen Doors have an exclusive security system called ScrewClamp™ that makes them very secure. The system works by tightly securing the door panel between the tracks using 304 structural grade mesh, which prevents the door from being lifted laterally. Additionally, there is a locking mechanism inside the door frame that secures three locking points in the outer frame channel, providing even more security.

Crimsafe Sliding Screen Doors are a better and more secure option compared to traditional flyscreens. While flyscreens only keep insects out, Crimsafe doors offer strong protection from potential intruders. Additionally, they do not obstruct your views like traditional flyscreens that may have bars or grilles, so you can feel safe and still enjoy your surroundings.

You can install a Crimsafe Sliding Security Screen Door together with your current sliding door system to improve your home’s security. This won’t require significant structural changes, and the integration will be seamless, allowing for easy and smooth access.

Sleek Design with Enhanced Security and Easy Access

Enjoy a sleek design and easy access with the added peace of mind that comes with our secure sliding doors. Consider space-saving stacker doors for smaller areas or double sliding doors for wider openings. For added ventilation, pair them with our secure sliding windows.

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