Double Hinged Doors

Double the opening double the need for security

Hinged Security Screen Doors provide peace of mind

The main entry point to many homes is large, hinged doors that look solid to most people. But to a professional burglar, they can look like an easy way in.

Crimsafe Hinged Security Screen Doors bolster your defences to protect your family and precious property. Rigorous testing proves that our hinged security screen doors exceed industry standards and outperform competitors.

To achieve such strength, the Crimsafe security screen door is attached by secure hinges on one door jamb, and a secure three-point locking mechanism is installed on the opposite door jamb. This creates an incredibly strong and effective barrier between you and any uninvited guest.

Popular applications
  • Front door
  • Back door
  • Laundry door
  • Internal garage door
Double Hinged Doors
Hinged Doors Front Door Interior 1

Benefits of our Hinged Doors

Crimsafe Hinged Security Screen Doors feature our exclusive Screw-Clamp™ system and 304 structural grade mesh. Together these superior features protect the main entry points to your home by providing:

  • Three-point locking mechanism
  • Made-to-measure, custom-fit for your doorway

  • Optional build-out for non-standard systems

  • Natural light and airflow into your home

  • A choice of Classic, Ultimate and iQ ranges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Crimsafe offers Double Hinged Security Doors that provide both security and style to your home. These doors have a three-point locking system for added protection and can be customized to fit your specific doorway. They allow natural light and air into your home and can be tailored to fit non-standard systems. The range includes the Classic, Ultimate, and iQ options to meet different security requirements and personal preferences.

The Double Hinged Doors from Crimsafe use a Screw-Clamp™ system and 304 structural grade mesh to provide excellent protection against intruders. The doors are secured with strong hinges on one side and a three-point locking mechanism on the other side, creating a very sturdy security barrier for your home.
Crimsafe Double Hinged Doors are customized to fit your doorway perfectly. They can also be adjusted for unique systems, making them adaptable to different home designs.
Certainly. Crimsafe Double Hinged Doors offer both security and the benefits of natural light and fresh air. They enable you to maintain an open and airy ambiance at home while ensuring maximum security.

Enhanced Security with a Grand Entrance or Spacious Design

Our secure double hinged door systems offer enhanced security while creating a grand entrance or providing ample space for larger furniture. We also offer classic hinged doors for a secure and versatile option in smaller spaces. Looking to seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor living areas with a focus on security? Explore our patio enclosures.

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