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Strengthen your defences with Sliding Window Security Screens

Sliding windows are extremely popular, as are the sliding insect screens installed in many homes. Unfortunately, while these screens may be good at keeping out bugs, they’re not very good at keeping out intruders. That’s why you should insist on Crimsafe Sliding Window Screens.

Crimsafe has designed a sliding security screen for single and multi-panel sliding windows. The screens can be custom fitted to a variety of window shapes and sizes. All Crimsafe Sliding Windows feature our exclusive Screw-Clamp™ technology for optimum strength.

Crimsafe Regular Sliding Window 2
Crimsafe Regular Sliding Window

Benefits of our Sliding Windows

Crimsafe Sliding Window Screens keep the mozzies and the burglars out. And they do it with style. There are no bars or grilles, which means your view is uninterrupted. With Crimsafe you get:

  • A stonger, more secure alternative to flyscreen
  • Optional build-out for non-standard systems
  • Natural light and airflow into your home
  • Screens that can slide to the right or left
  • A design that prevents lateral lifting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One benefit of installing Crimsafe Sliding Window Screens on your glass sliding windows is that they keep insects out and provide a barrier against burglars. Additionally, these screens let in natural light and airflow and don’t block your view since they don’t have bars or grilles. They can slide to the right or left, and their design makes it difficult for burglars to lift them laterally.

Crimsafe’s Sliding Window Screens offer improved security compared to traditional insect screens. Although insect screens do a good job of keeping bugs out, they are not as effective in stopping intruders. With the exclusive Screw-Clamp™ technology and a design that prevents lateral lifting, Crimsafe’s screens provide an optimal level of security that is much more difficult to breach.
Crimsafe’s Sliding Window Screens can be customized to fit various window shapes and sizes. They can be adjusted to single or multi-panel sliding windows thanks to their versatile design. With this adaptability, you can enhance your home security without changing your windows’ appearance or performance.
Crimsafe’s Sliding Window Screens use their exclusive Screw-Clamp™ technology to increase the security of your windows. This technology guarantees a secure and snug fit for the screen that prevents lateral lifting, resulting in maximum strength. Choosing Crimsafe’s Sliding Window Screens means selecting a reliable and sturdy option for safeguarding your home.

Unobstructed Views with Enhanced Security

Enjoy unobstructed views and a brighter space with our secure sliding windows. These windows are designed with your security in mind, offering peace of mind alongside a sleek design. We also offer a variety of fixed window options for security and aesthetics, louver windows for combined airflow, privacy, and security control, and double hung windows for secure vertical ventilation.

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