Anywhere, with Intelligence & Convenience

Small but smart, small but fully equipped. Bring this battery-powered camera to any place, and you get person/vehicle detection, color night vision, spotlight, two-way audio and, peace of mind.

Always Be Aware

New Smart Detection Tech

With the on-camera technology of analyzing person and vehicle shapes, Argus 3 Pro offers accurate detections, and thus greatly reduces the false alarms on trivial objects’ movements.

  • Person/Vehicle Detection

  • Accurate Alerts

  • Without Subscription

Camera Alert

Talk Like You’re Here

Built-in mic & speaker allow you to listen and talk back to whoever the camera catches in real-time: a “hello” to friends or a “Get away!” to foes.

  • Microphone

  • Speaker

Security Cameras 01

Double Warning for the Unwelcome

Once an intruder is detected, the camera’s spotlights and the siren will be triggered or manually activated to warn off the would-be criminal. Stop the crime before it happens.

  • Spotlights

  • Built-in siren

  • Custom voice alarm

Security Cameras 02

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Saving
Rechargeable Battery, or Solar Powered

2K 4MP Super HD Day & Night

With 2K (2560 x 1440) resolution and built-in spotlights, this battery camera keeps recording in full color day and night, producing sharp, clear footage for more visual details.

Argus3 Day Light Pc
Argus3 Night Vision
In black & white night vision mode
Argus3 Night Color
In black & white night vision mode
Compare night vision of traditional camera & Argus 3
Argus3 Night Color 1
Colour night vision of Argus 3 with a spotlight on
Argus3 Compare Night Vision
Black-white night vision of the traditional camera

Dual-Band WiFi

By freely switching between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (5.8 GHz) frequency bands, this battery camera provides higher performance for camera networking.

  • 2.4/5 GHz Dual-Band

Super Fun Time Lapse

Argus 3 Pro with time-lapse makes it quicker and easier to capture the dynamic of long-term events like the sun rising and flower blooming. Have fun shooting movie-like videos!

E1 Outdoor 5Mp Recording
Argus3 Pro Alarm Pc

You Got an Alert!

Get alerted when Argus 3 Pro senses the movement. You can configure when you want to turn on notifications – all the time or on a specific schedule.

Argus3 Pro Talk Pc

View It Live

Anytime, anywhere. Click to check what’s going on with your home or business via free Reolink App or Client, and respond instantly.

Available on:

Argus3 Pro Playback Pc

Play It Back

Search the videos you saved to micro SD card or Reolink Cloud, pinpoint which you want to review, and play it back. As easy as so.

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