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Find Out Why Crimsafe Is The Best Security Solution For Your Home

When most of us think about home security solutions, we think about complex camera systems, barred windows or complex locks. While these options no doubt enhance security they can be unsightly and complicated to use.  One option to keep your home secure, which is often overlooked, is by installing Crimsafe security screens. A cut [...]

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3 Simple Steps To Increase The Security Of Your Home

Do you feel secure in your home? Are you hoping to find some simple yet effective security measures that don’t involve the installation of a complex CCTV system? If so, then trusted home  security experts Securelux can help. Optimal home security goes beyond simply installing door locks or window locks. Thieves are incredibly clever [...]

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Protecting Your Family During A Break-In

If you have ever experienced a break-in at your home, you’ll understand how unsettling it can be. Jumping at every little sound and feeling that your privacy has been violated. Even if you have never had your home broken into, it is something everyone hopes to avoid.  Thankfully, there is no need to feel [...]

50 Reasons to Love Securelux This Valentines Day

Promotions Between Now and Valentines Day we are offering a buy 2 Crimsafe Doors get 50% off your 3rd Crimsafe Door Between Now and Valentines Day we are offering a buy 4 Crimsafe Windows get 50% off your 5th & 6th Crimsafe Windows The Securelux Difference Securelux have a team of [...]

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