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7 Things You Should Know About Home Security

Wondering if your home is safe in terms of security? Do you have appropriate measures in place to deter burglars when you leave the house or go to sleep at night? Perhaps you’ve never given it much thought before.  Improving your home security may not seem like a high priority, especially if you have [...]

3 Simple Steps To Increase The Security Of Your Home

Do you feel secure in your home? Are you hoping to find some simple yet effective security measures that don’t involve the installation of a complex CCTV system? If so, then trusted home  security experts Securelux can help. Optimal home security goes beyond simply installing door locks or window locks. Thieves are incredibly clever [...]

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The Benefits of a Security Screen: Protecting your Family and your Home

With summer knocking on the door, if you’re looking to open up your home to get the benefits of fresh air and light, while still keeping your family and home safe, installing security screen doors and windows are a must.  There are of course many benefits that come with installing security screens on your sliding [...]

Which Security Door Should I Buy?

When it comes to choosing a security door for your home, the choice often comes down to three factors: Price Aesthetics Style of Door While there are plenty of security doors on the market, choosing the right one doesn't need to be difficult. Crimsafe is the big name in the security screen door market, [...]

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Where to Buy Screen Doors

Screen doors – whether you need to replace one you already have, or you are looking at installing them for the first time, you’ve probably done some research on where to buy screen doors. Look, you can buy screen doors almost anywhere, but it really comes down to what features the screen door provides [...]

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Choosing French Door Security Screens

If you’ve taken advantage of the Queensland weather and installed French doors, you may have been wondering where you can buy French door security screens that still provide you with the light and air flow, while still keeping your home protected from intruders and insects.   Often burglars will see French front doors as an easy [...]

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Replacing Fly Screen on a Security Door

We've all been there - closing the screen security door and noticing scratches from the cat climbing them. Or perhaps small holes that have worn in over time. If you've never changed the fly screen in a security door before, you may be wondering just how easy it is to do, particularly if you don't [...]

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