Do you feel secure in your home? Are you hoping to find some simple yet effective security measures that don’t involve the installation of a complex CCTV system? If so, then trusted home  security experts Securelux can help.

Optimal home security goes beyond simply installing door locks or window locks. Thieves are incredibly clever these days and can quite easily break into your home – right through the locked front door. This is why it is increasingly important to employ additional security measures. Thankfully, there are many ways in which you can stop a burglar in his tracks.

As authorised manufacturers of Crimsafe security screens and trained installers of 3M Scotchguard Security Film, we offer exceptional alternatives to security cameras or alarm systems.

To help you increase the security of your home, we’ve prepared this simple checklist.

Steps 1-2-3 For Enhanced Security

Increasing the security of your home doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are three simple steps that will help you get started.

1. Assess

The first step is to assess your current security situation. This involves a careful review of your property to look for security concerns. While performing this assessment, we recommend asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are your windows and doors secure? Do they have an appropriate/working locking system in place?
  • Do your gates close and lock properly or are there easy access points?
  • Is your garage door properly secured?
  • Is your garden creating a lack of visibility that makes it easier for burglars to go unseen?
  • Are there any ladders or other tools that are not secured that would make it easier for a thief to gain access?
  • Are there any areas that could be improved?

Once you have pinpointed areas of concern, it is much easier to address these and create a more secure home as a result. It can also make you feel more confident in the safety your home provides – as they say knowledge is power and ignoring potential problems, unfortunately, makes you a target for thieves.

2. Update And Improve

After assessing your security, the next step is to make changes where necessary. This may mean trimming trees and bushes that obscure a clear view of your home, locking tools or ladders in a shed or garage and replacing or repairing any broken locks on doors and windows.

To further improve your home security This might include installing security screens, windows and doors, or 3M Film. These are all areas the trusted team at Securelux can assist with and something we will discuss further along in the blog.

3. Plan

The final step is to ensure you have a plan in place for when you’re away from home. Just as you should have a fire safety plan in place, you should also prepare a security plan. Doing this can further reduce your risk and help keep your home safe.

So what should your home security plan involve? It can be as simple as checking if a neighbour or friend keeps an eye on things for you and collect your mail. You may like to investigate house-sitting services rather than having the home empty during your absence.

Alternatively, consider using a security system or alarm that allows you to check on the property remotely or triggers police attendance in the case of an alarm sounding. It’s a good idea to review all of these options and weigh up the costs and time involved before making a final decision.


As mentioned above, Crimsafe makes for a fantastic stand-alone security measure or a supplementary one alongside other measures.

Crimsafe’s range of security screens and doors is made of high-tensile steel paired with Crimsafe’s patented screw clamp technology. This makes it nearly impossible to push them in, pull them out or cut through.

Adding Crimsafe security screens also protects from insects and the sun’s harsh UV rays. You can turn any entry point from glass doors to floor windows into secured and safe areas of your home without the need for unsightly shutters or bars.

Thanks to the Crimsafe IQ range, smart locks can also be added for increased security. Smart locks are much harder to overcome than traditional locks, slowing down would-be thieves and deterring them from choosing your home as a target. They are also able to integrate with other smart home systems as needed.

Offering a minimum ten-year warranty, Crimsafe has absolute confidence in its products and its ability to keep your home safe.

3M Security Film

Use in conjunction with Crimsafe or on its own, 3M security film provides an invisible impenetrable barrier. When expertly applied to your existing windows (no need for upgrades!) this film is tear-resistant and holds broken glass safely in place. This means burglars cannot kick glass doors or windows in and any glass breakage is safely contained until a replacement can be arranged.

This glass capsulation can also come in handy in active households where a cricket ball may come into contact with glass. Live in an area prone to high winds or summer hail storms? 3M films are the ideal protection in these instances too.

Made to endure the tough Australian conditions, the 3M security film has been designed to offer additional protection not only from burglars but the sun’s harsh UV rays too! Extend the life of your furniture, carpet and rugs by being able to block these fading rays without the need to shut your blinds or curtains.

Like Crimsafe, 3M security film comes with an exceptional warranty, a testament to the faith 3M has in their product and how much they value your security.

Your Local Home Security Experts

By following these simple steps, you can help make your home more secure and protected against potential break-ins. Don’t wait until it’s too late, take action today and give yourself peace of mind. If you don’t know where to go next for added security measures, our team can help.

At Securelux, we have over 40 years of industry experience. We know how important it is to feel safe in your home and work with our clients to find the most affordable security solutions for their needs.

Whether as part of a larger home security system involving cameras and alarms, or a stand-alone investment, we’re confident our products will deliver you the peace of mind you deserve.

From your initial quote to manufacturing, installation and aftercare, we pride ourselves on delivering service that exceeds expectations. To discuss your security concerns and arrange an obligation-free quote, speak with our team today at 1300 11 51 51.