Crimsafe Security Doors on the Sunshine Coast

Wanting to get maximum security on the doors and windows of your home or business without the unsightly addition of bars and grilles? Crimsafe security screens and doors is your answer! Crimsafe security doors and screens come in a wide range of types and colours meaning they have a stylish solution to suit every home [...]

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Security Screens Sunshine Coast Guide

Do you have old, poorly secured screen doors and fly screens that need replacing? You can improve both the security and privacy of your home or business whilst giving it a facelift at the same time with Securelux security products. We specialise in security screens and doors, shutters, privacy, and advice. Our security products include [...]

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Crimsafe Brisbane Services

Southeast Queensland - it get's hot, humid and is home to far too many flying insects at any time of the year. The use of Crimsafe security is popular here for plenty of reasons - these screens provide utmost security against insects and human intruders while allowing air and light into your home or office. [...]

Are Crimsafe doors as good they claim?

There’s no doubt if you’ve been looking into security doors for your home or business, you’ve heard of Crimsafe. Crimsafe is Australia’s leading brand in security doors, using forefront security technology and advancements to develop outstanding products. Yet people question “are Crimsafe doors good?” Today we will go over some of the information on Crimsafe [...]

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Flyscreens vs Crimsafe

Screens are a must have in Queensland. Keeping out flies whilst letting in the cool breeze on a hot summer's day is essential. But can you get better than just your standard flyscreens? We will compare flyscreens and Crimsafe screens to find out if Crimsafe is insect proof and which is the better option for [...]

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How Well Does 3M Security Film Hold Up?

There are always additions we can make to our home or business to increase the safety and security. One commonly overlooked area are glass windows and doors. You can have some of the best locks, alarms systems and security cameras on the market and yet all it will take is a bat or even a [...]

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Overview of 3M Security Film

Securelux is most well known for their security screen door products and installations. However, they have developed a range of other security products including 3m security film. Following we will provide an overview of what is 3M security film, how it works, and its benefits. WHAT IS 3M SECURITY FILM AND HOW DOES IT WORK? [...]

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Is Crimsafe cut safe?

Crimsafe has widely been renowned for many years as being at the forefront of Australian security technology, creating the most protective and resilient security products we have on the market. Even so, a question on many people’s lips is “can Crimsafe be cut?”. Following we will help to answer this question by looking at the [...]

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Can crooks get past Crimsafe?

So, you’ve been thinking about getting Crimsafe security doors or windows for your home or business. Excellent choice! You’re investing in the safety of your home and family or business, employees and clients. One common question that arises about the products is “Can Crimsafe be broken into?”. Following, we’ll discuss this question and what can [...]

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Can You Use Crimsafe on a Caravan?

Australia is a great place to explore with your caravan, but like anything you want to ensure that your belongings are safe. Whether it's parked up at home awaiting your next trip, or you've unhitched and left it at the caravan park for the day while you go out exploring, there are ways to keep [...]

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