Wanting to get maximum security on the doors and windows of your home or business without the unsightly addition of bars and grilles? Crimsafe security screens and doors is your answer! Crimsafe security doors and screens come in a wide range of types and colours meaning they have a stylish solution to suit every home or business whilst providing the best in security.


The primary reasons why Australians choose Crimsafe time and again is because they are unbeaten when it comes to safety. They are the industry leaders when it comes to stainless steel security screens. In fact, Crimsafe security products are so high quality that when put under rigorous testing for Australian safety standards, they exceeded industry standards. This is largely thanks to their innovative, one-of-a-kind screw clamp system and the quality materials used such as thicker, woven steel mesh. Investing in Crimsafe means you are putting in place a more effective obstacle to possible criminals.

Another reason they are so effective is because each product is made to order by a licenced Crimsafe manufacturer. Having security screens and doors made to exactly fit your home or business means higher levels of security when compared to mass manufactured security products.

With Crimsafe you not only get maximum levels of protection, but a stylish product that won’t detract from the aesthetics of your home or business. It looks fantastic from the outside and the inside, allowing light, views and breezes to come in whilst keeping unwanted guests out. You can also rest assured that the colour you choose will last as Crimsafe doors and screens are powder coated, enhancing the finish and look of the products and making them more corrosion resistant.

Another is their extensive range of products. Crimsafe doors and Crimsafe screens come in just about every type or style imaginable. Crimsafe doors come in hinged, sliding, stacking, French, emergency exits, and bifold. Crimsafe windows and screens come in hinged, fixed, safe-s-cape, sliding, patio enclosures and fall protection options.

They will also stand up to the unpredictable events that Australian weather has to throw at them. Crimsafe security screen doors and windows are debris resistant, better protecting your home from flying debris during a cyclone. They’re also bushfire compliant, reducing the intensity of naked flames and radiant heat when tested at the highest risk rating.

Installing Crimsafe is best left to the professionals. The main reason is because incorrect installation can reduce the effectiveness of the products security as well as potentially your products warranty.

For affordable and professional Crimsafe installation on the Sunshine Coast, trust Securelux.


We’re a local, family-owned business with over 40 years of experience in the security industry. We are driven to provide our local Sunshine Coast community, families and businesses, with improved security solutions to help keep them safer.

Many of our competitors choose to hire contract worker in order to lower their business expenses. The problem with this is you never really know who is representing your businesses or how well they are taking care of your clients. We here at Securelux have a close kit team of fitters that we employ. This way, we can ensure that you receive the high level of customer care and service that we pride ourselves on and are known in the local community for.

We are also a licenced manufacturer and installer of Crimsafe products. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you are getting genuine Crimsafe products and not a cheap imitation. Every Crimsafe security screen and security door in made to your home or business specific measurements in our very own factory.

Our experienced team is highly knowledgeable and skilled at assessing homes and businesses to ascertain what security measures are required. We will advise you what the best security products are for you particular needs.

We believe everyone has the right to safer homes and businesses and that you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality for affordable products and services. We want to provide our local community with the best possible security measures at affordable prices.We have a variety of affordable packages and security options to choose from. So no matter what your budget restraints, we should have an option that work for you.

For a free assessment quote, or to learn more, send an enquiry through our website or give our friendly team a call today.