Wondering if your home is safe in terms of security? Do you have appropriate measures in place to deter burglars when you leave the house or go to sleep at night? Perhaps you’ve never given it much thought before. 

Improving your home security may not seem like a high priority, especially if you have not experienced a break-in or live in an area with little suspicious activity. However, no matter where you live, the fact remains, you never want to experience a stranger entering your home uninvited and having to call the police for help. 

If you’re considering making some changes and improving your home security, then this guide is here to help you navigate the process. From simple common sense measures to affordable and practical security solutions, we’ve got the answers you need. 

Understanding Home Security 

1. Everyone’s Security Needs Are Different 

There is so much that goes into finding an appropriate solution to protect your home from intruders. The size of your home, your preferences, specific concerns or personal fears can all play a role. Just because your neighbour has a certain security solution, does not mean it is the correct one for you.

We recommend always talking to a home security professional to find the right solution for your needs and one that makes you feel safe and secure. At Securelux, we are experts in this field and are dedicated to helping our clients create the safe home environment they desire. Our tailored solutions involve a review of a variety of considerations before we made a recommendation. 

2. There Are Several Home Security Measures Available

Don’t like the sound of security cameras or a complex monitored system? While most security companies will tell you this is the best form of protection, a home security system does not have to be that involved. 

Other options including smart locks, door and window sensors, motion sensor lights, Crimsafe security screens, window film, solar-powered garden lights and more can also be used to great effect. Of course, employing multiple measures alongside alarm systems or cameras makes for serious protection. 

Crimsafe is the leading security brand in Australia for good reason – their products are top quality and reliable

3. It’s More Affordable Than You Think

The good news is that you don’t need to break the bank to get good-quality home security. There is a wide variety of affordable measures available from cameras to window film and security screens, there truly is an option to suit every budget. 

When it comes to the exceptional security screens offered by Crimsafe supplier Securelux, there is an interest-free finance option on all products to help you on your way to a safer home. 

4. A Secure Home Doesn’t Have To Be An Eyesore 

If the thought of a secure home has you envisioning ugly cameras everywhere, light-obscuring shutters or unsightly window grills, think again. Not all security solutions detract from the appearance of your home. 

In fact, installing Crimsafe security solutions can not only complement the aesthetic appearance of your home but enhance it. 

5. You Don’t Have To Be A Tech Genius  

With the rise of smart home equipment and integrated systems to control virtually everything from your phone, it can seem overwhelming to find a security solution that suits you. If you are not technologically inclined you do not have to be excluded from feeling safe in your own home. 

As mentioned above, there are plenty of security solutions that involve little to no technology, instead relying on physical barriers or deterrents. Crimsafe is one of the most effective examples of this. 

While there is a range of Crimsafe IQ products such as smart locks for the front door that utilise pin codes, auto locking features, FOB access and more, you do not have to opt-in for this. 

Crimsafe’s original security screens remain an effective and long-lasting investment into the security of your home. 

6. Some Security Solutions Are Dual Purpose 

Options such as Crimsafe security screens for doors and windows or 3M Security Film do more than keep burglars out. Their benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Improving the energy efficiency of your home, deflecting the sun’s harmful UV rays and helping to keep your home cool. This also stops carpets and furniture from fading and breaking down prematurely.
  • Stopping unwanted creepy crawlies from entering your home. With most Aussies opting for mosquito screens in their home, it simply makes sense to select a Crimsafe screen instead. This way you get the benefit of security and no insects. 
  • Helping to protect your home from fire during ashfall in bushfire season.
  • Helping limit glass breakages from wayward cricket or footballs. In the case of the 3M films, all glass is securely contained by the film, reducing the risk of injury during clean-up also.

7. Some Essential Security Measures Are Free! 

Did you know you can take some simple steps to protect yourself today that are absolutely free? This includes checking your home for easy entry points such as unlocked gates or first-floor windows that may be left unlocked, securing ladders or other climbing equipment away from the house, trimming shrubs or trees that obscure your home from the street and more. 

It is a good idea to do a security review of your home annually to ensure you are keeping your home as unappealing to burglars as possible. A home that has locked doors is easily visible to neighbours and passers-by and does not offer easy access points and is much less likely to be broken into. 

How Securelux Can Help 

As a trusted manufacturer and installer of Crimsafe products, our team of experienced professionals will take care of everything from product selection to installation.  We understand that security is personal, so we offer a tailored solution to meet your specific needs and budget, working closely with all our customers to find the ideal outcome. 

At Securelux, all our products and accessories are colour matched to ensure a seamless finish and aesthetically pleasing outcome. We offer warranties on all products and accessories for added peace of mind and with a passion for home security, take pride in providing a high-quality service to every customer. 

Our team is here to help, so don’t hesitate to call us for an obligation-free quote today on 1300 11 51 51.