With summer knocking on the door, if you’re looking to open up your home to get the benefits of fresh air and light, while still keeping your family and home safe, installing security screen doors and windows are a must. 

There are of course many benefits that come with installing security screens on your sliding doors and windows, particularly if you have young children. One big trend we are currently seeing is people enclosing their patio areas using Crimsafe – this gives them the benefit of a safe outdoor room for their children and grandchildren to play, without losing airflow and light. Patio enclosures also allow you to enjoy the outdoors in the late afternoons and at night without having to be worried about mosquitoes and other insects. 

Level of Security

When you choose to install a Crimsafe security screen, you’re choosing a high level of security for your home. These screens are designed to keep intruders out – because of the design they cannot be kicked in, and due to the mesh used in the screen, they are impossible to cut through with a knife or other implement. It is more likely that an intruder will bring attention to themselves before they gain access to your property. 

Natural Light and Fresh Air

Because the mesh on security screens tends to be more tightly woven than on fly screens, homeowners often ask whether they will still get the same level of fresh air flow and natural light in their home. If you’ve wondered this – you’ll probably get more air flow and natural light as you will be able to safely leave your doors and windows open when you aren’t in the room, allowing for complete airflow. 

On top of this Crimsafe offers a level of UV resistance, which means there is less UV rays passing into your home, giving you greater health benefits. 

Energy Efficiency

If you hate running the air conditioning throughout summer due to the cost, you’ll love Crimsafe security screens and doors. The Australian Window Association estimates that around 40% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows, and up to a huge 87% of a home’s heat is gained through windows. This gives you plenty of room for action when trying to save on your bills. 

In testing, Crimsafe screens were found to improve the energy efficiency of a window by up to 53%. Testing also found that when Crimsafe is applied over a generic single-glazed window, the window goes from a zero star to a 3-Star cooling rating, meaning your home is cooler in summer, and it helps to reduce heat loss in the cooler months. 

If you have glazed windows, your cooling rating increases even further, and the heat retention efficiency increases in winter. 

Difference Between Fly Screen Doors and Security Doors

Now you may be thinking “I have fly screen doors, isn’t that enough?”. Fly screens are going to do a great job at keeping flies out of the home, and it will give you a level of security, but these can be easily broken into, and the mesh used on these screens isn’t very strong – they certainly wouldn’t hold up to a knife or the like. 

The big difference is that fly screens are not security screens and they are not regulated like security screens. While they are a cheaper option to install, they are cheaper for a reason – they corrode, they are easily removed, and they don’t provide as high level of security as a product like Crimsafe or ProwlerProof. 

Our Top 4 Reasons to Install Security Windows and Doors

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of reasons why people want to install security screens and windows – here’s our top four. 

  1. Protection from burglars. Security screens keep out unwanted guests and protect your property from theft.
  2. Improved air quality. Security screens filter through air pollutants and allergens, helping to improve your indoor air quality.
  3. Increased safety for children and pets. You can keep your children safe by installing security screens on windows and doors, and your pets can stay inside when you’re away by using a security screen door.
  4. Enhanced energy efficiency. When you use security screens to protect your home, you can save energy in the long run because they reduce the need for air conditioning or heating during summertime and wintertime hours respectively.

If you’ve been thinking about installing security screens on your home or business, now is a great time to do so. Contact the team at Securelux, and let’s see how we can help you.