If you’ve taken advantage of the Queensland weather and installed French doors, you may have been wondering where you can buy French door security screens that still provide you with the light and air flow, while still keeping your home protected from intruders and insects.  

Often burglars will see French front doors as an easy break-in point in a home, but that doesn’t have to be the case. 

French door security screens through Securelux can be made in both a sliding and hinged design which gives you the option to choose what best suits your home and your lifestyle. Generally, both designs are centre opening doors with the option of retractable screen door; one door is the “active” door – i.e the one that you will use and contains the lock, while the “non-active” door is usually kept fully closed but can be opened when needed.  The non-active door contains a top and bottom bolt for strength, while the active door locks to it when a three-point mechanism with the option of flush bolts.  

Finding security screens that fit your French doors perfectly can be difficult, especially if you are looking to purchase a high quality product, from a generic hardware store where the doors, glass doors or timber door aren’t customized to fit. Crimsafe’s patented technology includes structural grade mesh and their exclusive Screw-Clamp system to provide double French door security screens. These screens are designed to: 

  • Fit over the top of your existing door frame
  • Have a triple lock  
  • Keep insects out 
  • Made to measure for that perfect fit 

There is also a Crimsafe Ultimate option which is 40% stronger than the standard Crimsafe security screens – that’s a pretty tough security screen!  

French doors do look great on Queensland homes – they open the property up, provide extra light, extra airflow and they’ll make your property seem bigger. Don’t let your home become attractive to intruders; install French screen security doors and keep your home safe.   Securelux is a family-owned business and we are here to help you with your home or premises security.