So much more than simply a pet, most of us see our four-legged friends as an integral part of the family. 

When it comes to keeping them safe and secure, we’d do just about anything, but it’s not always an easy task. 

With furry friends such as dogs and cats regularly trying to escape outdoors, it is vital to pet-proof your home. Whether to keep wildlife safe, stop stressful lost pet incidences or avoid frightening the postman, security screens can help. 

If you’re yet to investigate or install pet-safe measures on your doors and windows, we’re here to walk you through why Crimsafe is the ideal choice. 

The Need for Pet-Safe Security Screens 

Taking steps to prevent your pets from escaping the safety of your home is an essential element of responsible pet ownership. 

Before bringing a new furry family member home it is important to prepare for their arrival by pet-proofing your residence. 

Not only are you ensuring they remain safe while first adjusting to their new surroundings, but you are also helping to avoid stressful or dangerous incidents in future. 

Far too often, a curious (or cheeky) cat or dog escapes a home out of a door or window that has been left open in error. 

Even when screened with flimsy fly screens, most determined pets can easily push through these and escape. For multi-storey properties, this is especially dangerous as pets can easily fall and be fatally injured. 

However, no matter where you live or the type of dwelling you inhabit, your dog or cat escaping could see them involved in:

  • A traffic accident
  • Fight with another animal
  • Attack on a member of the public
  • A visit to the pound (which will also incur a fine)
  • Injuring wildlife and more. 

So what is the solution? To never enjoy the fresh air again and keep every door and window locked up tight? Thankfully, Crimsafe can help. 

How Crimsafe Security Screens Prevent Pet Escapes 

One of the most effective measures to keep your pets safely secured within your home is by installing security screens. Those made of stainless steel are especially good at resisting even the most dedicated escapee. 

Using high-tensile steel mesh and patented screw-clamp technology, Crimsafe screens cannot be pushed or pulled out of place, they also cannot be torn by sharp claws or teeth. 

While primarily designed to keep out intruders, they work exceptionally well to keep determined pets in too! 

A Crimsafe security screen perfectly fits your existing front door, sliding door or window. Custom-made, they are also able to be matched to the existing colour scheme of your home for optimal aesthetics.  

Also able to be combined with pet doors and an auto-locking or remote locking system, you retain ultimate control over your pet’s comings and goings. 

Enjoy fewer insects, fresh air, durability and enhanced home safety for you and your pets, all with this simple switch. 

Compliance With Australian Standards

Opting for Crimsafe security screen doors and security windows means zero compromising on comfort or safety.  

Made to measure and manufactured locally by Securelux, all our security screens meet rigorous Australian standards. 

These standards ensure the safety and durability of all our Crimsafe screens and our dedicated adherence guarantees a high-quality product for every installation. 

Also backed by an extensive warranty, it is easy to see why Crimsafe screens have become a leading choice for Australian homeowners.  

Installing Security Screens and Pet Doors 

At Securelux, we understand the need for efficiency. We work quickly to have your screens and pet doors installed with as little disruption to you and your pets as possible. 

Handling all installations ourselves, we guarantee the integrity of all our security windows and doors for your added peace of mind. 

Should anything not meet our high standards during installation, we will review and remake or repair as necessary. 

Securelux – Keeping Your Pets Safe & Secure

If you’re tired of your four-legged friends or other pets escaping your home, Crimsafe could be the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Able to be fitted to any opening in your home, including garages, we make it easier for both you and your pet to enjoy your home. 

Whether you’re yet to have screens installed at your home or seeking to replace existing screens, we can help. 

From an obligation-free quote to full measure, manufacturing, installation and maintenance, we’re the team you can trust. 

To learn more, contact Securelux today at 1300 11 51 51.