Screen doors – whether you need to replace one you already have, or you are looking at installing them for the first time, you’ve probably done some research on where to buy screen doors. Look, you can buy screen doors almost anywhere, but it really comes down to what features the screen door provides and whether it is the perfect fit for your home.  

Firstly, lets looks at the type of screen doors on the market. You have your standard screen doors which will really just keep insects out and perhaps provide you with the peace of mind that there is an additional door on your home. Often the screen on these doors are made from flyscreen so they don’t really offer a lot of protection.  

Then you have your standard diamond screen doors. These doors provide a little extra protection from an intruder as well as from insects, but again, the screen is usually made from flyscreen, which can easily be cut through to access the lock on your door.  

Most homes across South East Queensland have an older style screen door or a standard diamond screen door, usually hinged or sliding. We understand why – they are easy to find, and for builders, they are a cheaper option to install. But there are two other options on the market that you won’t find in your local hardware store; they do however provide much more protection to your home and your family.  

Then you have Crimsafe. Everyone has heard of the Crimsafe product and really, it is one of the best security screen doors on the market. The screen is made from a stainless steel mesh and is made using an exclusive Screw-Clamp system which basically bites down on the mesh like a vice, holding it into the frame. Crimsafe screens provide plenty of benefits including being energy efficient, offering fall and fire protection and bring corrosion resistant, making them perfect for every environment.  

Looking at where to buy screen doors for your home? Ditch the old screen doors and install a security screen door with Securelux.