In an age where innovation drives our daily lives, it’s a good thing to think about security as more than just locks and alarms. You may be wondering, how can something as simple as a screen on a window or a door become an essential part of home security? Allow me to enlighten you on the transformative power of Crimsafe security screens and how Securelux, servicing Brisbane and surrounding areas, can create a shield around your home.

How Security Screens Can Deter Burglars

Make It Harder for Burglars to Break In

Imagine a world where a burglar looks at your home and sees not an easy target, but a fortress. A Crimsafe security screen is not just a mesh; it’s as if your windows and doors are guarded by an invisible knight. Every time a burglar attempts to gain entry, they are met with a resilient barrier that defies glass breaking.

The 5-Second Rule

It takes a burglar approximately five seconds to decide whether to target a house. With a Crimsafe security screen in place, those five seconds are a game-changer. It’s a stark message to the intruder: “This house is not to be trifled with.”

Send a Message That Your Home Is Protected

You don’t have to put up intimidating signs or aggressive barriers; a Crimsafe screen means more than just a mesh. It speaks volumes about your commitment to home security. Most burglars, you know, seek the path of least resistance. If your home radiates strength and confidence, they will simply move on.

Give You Peace of Mind

What would it feel like if you could leave your windows slightly open on a summer night without fear? What’s it like when your children play near windows, and you know they are safe? With Crimsafe, the peace of mind is not just about keeping burglars out but also about living freely inside your home.

The Benefits of Security Screens

Prevent Break-Ins

When break-ins occur, they leave behind not just material loss but emotional scars. Crimsafe security windows and sliding doors are more than just barriers; they are shields that protect your sanctuary. As my friend once said, “It’s not about what they take; it’s about what they leave behind.”

Keep Children and Pets Safe

You might find yourself worrying about your little ones playing near windows or your curious pets exploring the balcony. With Crimsafe security screens, those fears vanish. It’s not necessary that a security solution only focuses on burglars; it can also be a guardian for your loved ones.

Reduce Noise Pollution

If you were to sit in your living room with the windows open and the sounds of the street were a distant murmur, you’d understand the dual role of Crimsafe. It’s not just about security; it’s about enhancing your living experience to the point where peace inside resonates with peace of mind.

How to Choose the Right Security Screens for Your Home

Consider the Size of Your Windows and Doors

You should remember that one size doesn’t fit all. The range of Crimsafe products ensures that every entry point, from front door to garage door, is covered. You could even include home security camera integration; the possibilities are virtually endless.

Choose a Mesh That Is Strong Enough to Deter Burglars

Security is as much about aesthetics as strength. The Crimsafe Ultimate range is designed to be both beautiful and burglar-proof. When you find yourself looking at the elegant designs, you’ll realize that strength and beauty can indeed coexist.

Make Sure the Screens Are Properly Installed

Installing Crimsafe is not just about putting up screens; it’s about building a security system. Our customer service team at Securelux ensures that every screw clamp and door lock functions to increase security in your home.


I wonder if you realize the enormous potential of a simple security screen. It’s more than just a barrier; it’s a statement, a protector, and a companion in your daily life. A Crimsafe screen doesn’t just lock your door and windows; it opens new possibilities for living without fear.

A security screen can prevent a burglar from entering your home in just 5 seconds by making it harder for them to break in and sending a message that your home is protected.

When you consider the advantages, the decision becomes clear. There’s no need to compromise until you experience the best.
Contact Securelux today for a free measure and quote. Allow us to guide you to the perfect security solution, with interest-free options and an assurance that every window, door, and soul within your home is safe and sound. After all, isn’t it time your home became your castle?