Protect your home this storm season

Along with keeping out intruders, did you know that Crimsafe screens and 3M film can protect your home’s glass panels?

While Brisbane living is fantastic, we do need to keep in mind those summer storms that can easily roll in without much warning or those winter westerlies which can blow a gale.

That’s why Securelux can provide a number of options to protect your home

  • Crimsafe Security Screens – it’s important to choose security screens on your Brisbane property that provide a level of protection against flying debris, while still being able to listen to the rain or enjoy the breeze.

  • 3M Film – If your home is damaged by a storm or natural disaster, this adhesive film on your glass panels will provide protection from flying glass fragments.

Here are our top tips for Storm Protection

If you don’t already have security screens, or are thinking about upgrading, Crimsafe’s security screen doors and windows help to provide a barrier from hail and other objects being blown around in the wind. If you live in an area that is of risk of flying debris during a storm, these security screens could save your windows from damage.

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