At Securelux, serving Brisbane and surrounding areas, we understand that your safety and peace of mind is paramount. Allow us to guide you through why and how Crimsafe Security Screens are your optimum choice for a reliable security solution.

Why Crimsafe Security Screens Are the Best

Crimsafe security screens are the best way to ensure maximum protection for your home or business. They are stronger than steel, unbreakable, and equipped with anti-tamper technology.

Stronger than Steel

Imagine having a security screen that’s not only visually appealing but also stronger than steel. It’s as if your home’s windows and doors have been reinforced by a superhero’s shield. Our Crimsafe Security Screens use a patented screw clamp system, making them unparalleled in strength.

Unbreakable Mesh

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if your home was protected by an unbreakable mesh? With Crimsafe’s unbreakable mesh technology, intruders will find themselves deterred to the point where breaking through becomes a futile endeavor. It’s not necessary that every security screen delivers this level of robustness, but Crimsafe does.

Anti-tamper Technology

The more advanced a security system, the more peace of mind you’ll have. Crimsafe’s anti-tamper technology ensures that no unauthorized meddling occurs, providing an additional layer of security. Most people can appreciate this feature; it’s like having a vigilant guard watching over your property.

How Crimsafe Security Screens Can Keep You Safe

Prevent Break-ins

You don’t have to worry about break-ins when you choose Crimsafe products. The range of Crimsafe security windows and doors has been specifically designed to deter would-be intruders. As you sleep soundly at night, you’ll rest assured knowing that you’ve invested in the Crimsafe Ultimate solution.

Keep Children and Pets Safe

When you find yourself concerned about the safety of your little ones, remember Crimsafe security screens. They not only act as a barrier against intruders but also keep children and pets safe within the confines of your property.

Reduce Noise Pollution

You may be wondering how security screens can reduce noise pollution. It’s a good thing to note that Crimsafe’s design does more than keep you safe; it also dampens the noise from the bustling Gold Coast streets, creating a tranquil environment.

The Benefits of Crimsafe Security Screens

Peace of Mind

The peace of mind that comes from installing Crimsafe is unparalleled. It’s as if a weight is lifted off your shoulders, knowing that your loved ones and valuable possessions are protected.

Increased Property Value

If you’re considering selling your property, the Crimsafe security screens and doors can increase its value. Every time you look at your security doors, you’ll realize they’re not just a safety feature but an investment.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Because of the added security, you may notice that your insurance premiums could decrease. Crimsafe’s reputation as a top-notch security solution means that your home is considered less of a risk by insurance companies.


Securelux, a name synonymous with customer service and the highest quality security solutions, offers a wide range of Crimsafe products. From the Gold Coast to Brisbane, our interest-free options and free measure and quote service ensure that you find the right fit for your home.

Sooner or later, the need for security becomes apparent. When you realize that Crimsafe Security Screens provide more than just protection but a plethora of additional benefits, your decision becomes clear.

For personalized solutions tailored to your needs, contact Securelux now for a free measure and quote. We’ll make your home a fortress, elegantly.