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Keep Your Family Safe & Comfortable with Crimsafe

From tiny mosquitoes to determined intruders, nothing gets past Crimsafe patented steel security mesh screens.

The World's Most Trusted Security Screens

The future of security screens is now available in Australia! Securelux is an authorized manufacturer and installer of Crimsafe, the world leaders in security screens.

Standard flyscreens, bolt locks, and window latches do little to prevent intruders from entering your home. Wrought iron gates and bars are expensive, rust easily, and look unattractive both inside and out. Even alarms can't deter home intruders until it might be too late.

Instead, choosing Crimsafe ensures your family is protected by the best, while enhancing the look and value of your home! Using tightly woven Structural Grade Steel, patented Screw Clamp construction, & frames in a wide range of attractive & custom shades, Crimsafe offers homeowners cutting-edge technology, unmatched quality, & beautiful designs, to ensure your family is protected by the best.

Keep Out Everything But The Fresh Air

Crimsafe screens are available for doors, windows and in bi-fold designs that can be customized to any patio enclosure. Not only does Crimsafe security screening eliminate the need for bars and grills, these quality screens offer additional benefits for both home and commercial applications:

  1. Screw-Clamp Technology: The strength of your screen is only secure if it stays in place! Crimsafe offers the only security screens held by  Screw-Clamp technology.
  2. Tensile Tough Security: By using steel that's unmatched in strength, then adding an industrial powder coat for protection, Crimsafe screens have such high shear strength they can withstand any force.
  3. An Unobstructed View: Crimsafe security screens are woven to provide clear, unobstructed views from the inside, while providing privacy from outside viewers and neighbours.
  4. Energy Efficient: Crimsafe security screens are coated with a commercial grade powder protectant that doesn't retain excess heat, reducing your use of air conditioning.
  5. Allergy Friendly: The tight mesh and protective coating of Crimsafe security screens do double duty to filter out dust, pollen, and other allergens from incoming air.
  6. Easy Emergency Exit: Because Crimsafe screens are damage-proof, Safe-S-Capes provides keyless emergency exit pathways in case of fire or the need to urgently leave any room.
  7. Salt-Spray Tested: Crimsafe screens are woven from steel with a 65-year lifespan, then powder coated with a patented formula that is completely corrosion resistant.
  8. Low Maintenance: Criminals aren't the only thing deflected by Crimsafe! Airborne particles don't stand a chance and are easily wiped or sprayed off, ensuring your screens stay looking new.

What Makes A Crimsafe Security Screen Crime Safe?

Any security installation is only as strong as the sum of it's parts. From top to bottom, Crimsafe security screens are designed to give you peace of mind:

Structural Grade Stainless Steel: Our competitors settle for uncoated 316 Marine Steel for corrosion resistance - but it's not salt water you want to keep out of your home! Crimsafe uses only 304 Grade Stainless Steel, which is then coated with our patented protectant. The higher tensile rating means Crimsafe security screens can resist more force, while our industrial-strength black powder coating adds extra protection from the elements.

More Metal For Your Money: The strands of mesh used in Crimsafe security screens are 0.9mm in width - thicker than the standard 0.8 mm, then woven to provide a greater density per square centimeter. Our patented weaving allows a difference of 26.5% density of mesh that can't be seen by the naked eye but offers greater peace of mind.

Suitable for all applications: Crimsafe has a range or products suitable for the modern and the traditional home. Crimsafe Regular and the Crimsafe Ultimate range provides customers with different options depending the circumstances. 

Keyless Emergency Exit Features For Your Windows

Safe-S-Capes allows you to feel secure in your ability to quickly evacuate your family in case of an emergency. The range of Safe-S-Capes products can be fitted to any window or entry point, due to four distinct designs.

Securelux is one of Gold Coast's leading provider of keyless emergency exit products for window spaces. This system is very safe for emergency exits required in fire situations but they are still extremely difficult to penetrate. They all feature super durable screw clamped mash as well is offering the ultimate protection for the lock with their renowned triple "anti-jemmy" design.

With a Safe-S-Cape® installed, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your home is as secure as it can be from the outside, but you can exit in seconds if you need to.

There are 4 types of Safe-S-Cape®. The basic difference between them is the type of window space that they cover.

Single Sliding, or Servery Safe-S-Capes®: Great for tight window fittings where separate window tracks can't be fitted or entry points that lead to commonly used outdoor areas. Single Sliding or Servery Safe-S-Capes suit:

  • Fixed and Sliding Window Panel Combinations
  • Servery Windows

Double or Triple-Sliding Safe-S-Capes®: Secure even wide window openings with Safe-S-Capes styles that feature up to three moving panels of Crimsafe security screens. These can be installed on the inside or outside of your sliding windows, or the inside of casement windows, and suit:

  • Double or Multi-Casement Windows
  • Double or Multi-Sliding Windows

Hinged Safe-S-Capes®: Designed to swing outward from your house, Hinged Safe-S-Capes can accommodate a wide range of windows behind them. This style can be fixed as an integral part of sliding windows, or face-fixed to louvres and double hung windows, and suit the following.

Window Types they suit: 

  • Single and Multi-Panel Sliding Windows
  • Double Hung Windows]
  • Lap Louvre
  • Fixed and Sliding Combinations

Inswing Safe-S-Capes®: Also hinged, Inswing Safe-S-Capes swing inwards and are always installed inside your glass panels. This allows for compatibility with a greater range of window styles.

Window Types  they suit:

  • Single and Multi-Panel Sliding Windows
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Single and Multiple Hoppers
  • Casement and Multi-Casement Windows
  • Lap Louvre
  • Normal Louvre
  • Fixed and Sliding Combinations

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Crimsafe Ultimate Bi-Fold System:

Open up your enternatinment areas in a snap with the Crimsafe Ultimate Bi-Fold System.

Available in a variety of colour finishes

How strong is Crimsafe?

Two special features mean it beats more burglars...

1. The mesh is 'screw-clamped™' so it can't be kicked out

2. Crimsafe's® mesh is 0.9mm thick and precisely woven, so every strand backs up the others

Research shows that the most common method of entry through security screens is a well-placed series of kicks that bust the screen apart. That won't work with Crimsafe. You can kick at Crimsafe's® Tensile Tuff ® Security mesh repeatedly, and you will definitely injure yourself before you break through it.

Through laboratory testing that subjects Crimsafe materials to accelerated wear and extreme force, Crimsafe ensures their materials surpass international standards of durability and quality. It's also incredibly difficult to cut Crimsafe® Tenisle Tuff® Security mesh. You can take a machete and hack away at the mesh and you'll have a hard time getting anywhere. You might put a few holes in it but you won't be able to fit through them. That's because Crimsafe's® Security mesh has such strong ‘shear' resistance. What that means is that a burglar can't make a hole in the mesh by stabbing it, and then make it bigger by using his weight to drag a knife through it.

Burglars will commonly attack screen doors with a cutting blade. To ensure Crimsafe keeps knife-wielding intruders out, test panels are repeatedly subjected to a Stanley knife, which is forcefully drawn down the panel at least three times. Thanks to Tensile Tuff 0.9mm steel mesh, even a machine-applied Stanley knife doesn't make a dent in Crimsafe's security screens. Due to it's high-tensile strength and special weave, the steel screen remains pliant enough to foil any bladed attack.

How does it beat more burglars?

Burglars don't like delays or noise. It's impossible to get past a Crimsafe screen or door without making a lot of noise or experiencing a very lengthy delay. When burglars see that your Brisbane home is fitted with Crimsafe products, they simply give up.

Special 0.9 mm Tensile Tough Structural Steel is woven to a density that's proven 26.5% stronger than any competitor! But, just as a door is only as strong as it's hinges, a security screen can only be judged by how it's connected to the frame. Crimsafe security screens use a patented Screw-Clamp method to ensure every mesh panel sits undisturbed in it's frame, no matter the amount of force applied.

Don't settle for security screen manufacturers that cut corners! Only Crimsafe offers you the peace of mind of proven strength. Here's how our standards stack up to the rest as per tests conducted at UNSW@ADFA in Canberra. Crimsafe always comes out clearly on top so you can rest assured you're buying the best protection possible.



Does Crimsafe rust?

No. Crimsafe mesh does not rust.

Crimsafe partnered with industrial coating industry leaders, Dulux, to design a patented powder coating that repels the dust and impurities that dirty your indoor air and the appearance of your security screen. Not only do Crimsafe screens provide protection from minute debris, our coating offers the only UV-resistant finish available on the market.

Secret coating means long life and good looks

The Salt Spray Test: It's no secret that coastal environments are hard on metal. To test Crimsafe security screens against the elements, panels are subjected to an exclusive test that simulates the harshest and most corrosive elements in an accelerated for at least 1000 hours.

But even machine-blasted salt spray is no match for Crimsafe's special coating, which contains adhesives that prevent the build up of impurities that would chip away at lesser surfaces. Despite extended exposure, Crimsafe security screens remain corrosion and blister-free.

Protection Down To The Frame: Crimsafe security screens feature a uniquely designed insulating frame bead using Santoprene rubber. The angled frame bead allows rainwater and moisture to simply wash away any particles or dust, instead of allowing grime to build up in the corners. Not just an attractive feature that makes cleaning easier, the angled frame ensures that dissimilar metals that are often found in airborne debris are not allowed to remain in contact with the surface of your door, ensuring it remains free of damage over time.

Cat3 Missile & Dynamic Impact Test

The Crimsafe Dynamic Impact Test

Second to knife attacks, security screen doors must be able to withstand forceful kicking in an attempted entry. Average screen doors feature a grille or middle panel that is vulnerable to force, giving intruders an easy way to reach in and unlock for entry.

To ensure your home's security, at attempted break-in is simulated by repeatedly swinging a leather bag filled with sand and lead to weight up to 46 kg. Specifically designed to withstand the force, Crimsafe security screens are proven to bear the impact without breaching.

The Cat3 Missile Test: Intended to simulate the conditions of a Category 3 cyclone, this test is an amped up version of the Australian Standard Dynamic Impact Test that ensures your home is safe from flying debris. Crimsafe security screens are subjected to 4 kilogram blocks of hardwood fired at 54 kilometres per hour and must deflect the debris without bending to touch the glass panel behind it.

How does Crimsafe withstand such tremendous force? Due to unique hooking feature of Crimsafe's Secure Clamp design, the load of impact is distributed evenly around a window's perimeter while ensuring your security screen stays firmly in place.

What colours are available?

The Crimsafe 0.9mm diameter Tensile-Tuff ® Security Mesh can only be supplied in Black.

Below are the standard Crimsafe Frame colours. Colours may vary in real life depending on your monitor type.

The best way to see the full range for yourself is to contact our office and have one of our Securelux Solution Consultants show you the range. 

Colourbond_Night_Sky_19268-rtm.jpgColourbond® Night Sky 19268Magnolia_326558.jpgMagnolia 326558
pearl_white_81880.jpgPearl White 81880primrose_84365.jpgPrimrose 84365
white_birch_37131.jpgWhite Birch 37131Stone_Beige_32538.jpgStone Beige 32538
Crimsafe Video Infomation

Our Professional Installation Process

Securelux Provide Professional Security Screen and Door Instalations

With thirty years of experience, your Securelux representative will offer expert guidance when selecting which screen best suits your home security needs. Installation is performed by our certified and insured in-house technicians, and scheduled at your convenience.

The Process

  1. Once you've received your free quote, a Securelux Consultant will visit your home to take measurements and ensure the installation is completed as efficiently as possible. We do ask for a 10% deposit to secure your quoted price and begin the process.
  2. Because quality and correct fit are of the utmost concern, we will then send a Specialist Check Measurer to confirm measurements that will be used to manufacture your products. 
  3. Depending on which products are ordered, manufacturing can take between four and twelve days.
  4. Once your custom built products are ready, our Specialist Fitter will contact you to schedule the best time for installation, which generally takes only one visit. We ask that your final payment is made before your installation is complete.
  5. Crimsafe backs all products with a 10-year warranty. We ask that if you are not completely satisfied, please contact our office so that we may offer our full support and service.

Family Owned, Locally Based: Securelux is proud to offer customers over thirty years of industry experience, specializing in shutters, privacy, and security. We would love the chance to offer support and guidance for your home security needs. Please contact our team at 1300 11 51 51 for a consultation!