Good Old-Fashioned Service is not a thing of the past!

We were cautious about seeking recent quotes for home security after receiving overly expensive quotes about 2 years ago. We had adequate security fitted but it was mainly bronze anodised amplimesh, decorative steel doors and window bars that were popular in the early nineties. We had changed our external paint colours and these were clashing with our dated security. We love looking out at the garden but we were tired of our view being spoilt by intrusive security screens.

When Christina arrived to quote on our security upgrade, we were in the midst of replacing our front and back external hinged doors. She set about showing us the care that Securelux use in the construction of their Crimsafe screens and the many features they offered from parrot beak locks to Safescape and Bi-fold screens. She used sample doors to give us an idea of what the security would look like and how it would operate. I noted that Securelux researched new security fittings and used break-in data to steer improvements in their products and installation techniques. Christina then took accurate measurements of our windows and doors that were to be fitted with Crimsafe security. We were pleasantly surprised with the quote price given the quality of the security we were to receive. Christina visited a second time to measure the newly fitted doors and do a check measure with the installer.

Once the screens were made and powder coated, the installers arrived for their first day of fitting. When I arrived home after work, I walked around the house to see the changes. I was extremely happy with the workmanship that had gone into the screen construction and the quality of the install. The attention to detail was heartening. It was wonderful to look out through the new screens from inside the house and not have hampered vision.

Prior to the install of a 4 panel Crimsafe bi-fold door, some preparatory carpentry work was required and the installer dropped in for a further check measure before the doors were made. During the second day of install, I called a busy installer about a concern and he took the time to hear my questions and give me considered answers. He allayed my fears and guaranteed that I would be happy with the outcome…and I was. I’d go so far as to say the Crimsafe bi-fold door is more substantial that the door it is protecting. We will be able to leave the main bi-fold door open on those humid summer nights and take advantage of the breeze from that large opening.

Dealing with Securelux has restored my faith in achieving a value for money outcome. We now have a home that has increased in value, is colour co-ordinated and looks so much better from the outside and inside. A month out, I still reflect on the look that the new security gives the house.

We highly recommend engaging Securelux when considering security around your home. If we had found this company years ago it would have saved us the angst of pawing over overpriced quotes, dealing with pushy salespeople and not making a decision about our security. We have some more security upgrades to do and we will be involving Securelux in that process. Remember, good old-fashioned service is not a thing of the past.