Window Security Screens Gold Coast

Security and more

At Securelux, security is our priority – it’s in our name! But we also know that there are many other benefits of installing window security screens Gold Coast and elsewhere. If you’re on the fence about installing security screens on your windows, here are just five of the many reasons, apart from security, why you should:

  1. Long lasting. Our security screens are designed to last. They are made to withstand the harsh Queensland climate, and are put through rigorous testing which simulates years of sea salt spray and drought.
  2. Fire resistance. Security screens such as Crimsafe provide a level of protection against embers and radiant heat that regular flyscreens do not. They are perfect for areas of the country where bushfires are a risk.
  3. Fall prevention. Window security screens installed by a professional supplier are ideal for windows on the first storey or higher. They can keep your family safe from falling out of windows, without needing to install unsightly bars.
  4. Insect protection. On those cool summer nights, we want to be able to open the window and let the breeze through. A window security screen can protect your home from creepy crawlies, without compromising your home’s security.
  5. Energy efficient. Security screens such as Crimsafe installed on a window dramatically increase the cooling efficiency of the window. As well as this, they block 62% of UV rays, making them perfect for our hot climate.

These are just five of the benefits of installing window security screens Gold Coast or anywhere in Queensland. Have a chat to one of the friendly Securelux team about all the other benefits.