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Is Window Security Film Worth It?

You can have all the security options on the doors to your home, but that won't stop an intruder coming in through the window! Homeowners often forget about window security, and if you don't like the looks of window screens, you may be pondering whether window security film is worth the cost. Let's take a [...]

The best security windows in Brisbane

Securelux provides a range of security products, including security windows in Brisbane. We install top quality security windows that won't obstruct your view. Imagine quality security windows in Brisbane that don't obstruct your view! Not too long ago, most security windows and doors were something of an eyesore. With Securelux that is certainly no longer [...]

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5 reasons to get window security screens on the Gold Coast

Security and more At Securelux, security is our priority - it’s in our name! But we also know that there are many other benefits of installing window security screens Gold Coast and elsewhere. If you’re on the fence about installing security screens on your windows, here are just five of the many reasons, apart from [...]

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