You’ve decided to install security screens on your windows and now it’s time to look at pricing. Crimsafe is on your list, but since these screens are made to fit your home, you can’t just wander down to your local hardware store to get a price. So, how much exactly is Crimsafe per window?

Pricing for Crimsafe is different to how off-the-shelf security screens are sold, and it comes down to four factors:

  1. Which Crimsafe product you choose
  2. The size of the window
  3. The installation requirements
  4. Frame colour – is it the standard or does it require powder coating

Generally, Crimsafe screens start from around $350 per window but your best option is to contact our team for a free consultation, measure and quote.

Unlike many of the window security screens you’ll find at your local hardware store, Crimsafe screens are built to fit your home perfectly. At Securelux, these are made in our factory south of Brisbane, so you get high level security screens while supporting a local business.

Our team will come out to you and measure up each window, and we will then have a chat with you about the best screen for your window, as well if you have any particular installation requirements. We will also talk to you about the frame colour and whether you are happy with the standard frame colour range or whether you need a specific colour to meet the look of your home.

Once you are happy to go ahead with the quote, we’ll get to making your screens. This generally doesn’t take very long, depending on how many screens you need of course. Our experienced and highly trained team of in-house installers (we don’t use contractors), will then make an appointment with you and come out and install your Crimsafe window security screens using the right install methods for your windows.

When you’ve made the decision to install window security screens on your home or business, call Securelux for a consultation and quote on quality Crimsafe screens.