When looking at Crimsafe, many homeowners are surprised that they can put Crimsafe screens on their sliding doors as well as their fixed windows and hinge doors. For those in Queensland, a sliding door is a great way to get plenty of breeze and fresh air through the home, but unfortunately it is also a great way for intruders to enter the home, particularly in those homes that don’t have any form of security screen.

There are three main benefits to Crimsafe sliding doors:

  • Stylish
  • Secure
  • Can be installed in conjunction with your current sliding door system

These sliding doors have a 3 point locking mechanism that is fitted into your current aluminium tracks, and they are interlocked into the existing mullion, which means you don’t need to change your aluminium door frame. Even better is that your Crimsafe sliding doors are tightly measured top to bottom, meaning they cannot be simply lifted out like many other sliding screen doors can be. When considering a Crimsafe sliding door it is important to understand the installations you can feel comfortable that any potential weak spots have been considered by the consultant.

Sliding security screen doors aren’t the only way to secure your home from your back patio or dining area. You can also upgrade your bi-fold doors, French doors and stacking doors to Crimsafe, as well as installing patio enclosures – giving you all the benefit of natural light and fresh air while still keeping your family and your home safe.

Why Choose Crimsafe Sliding Doors?

There are plenty of benefits to using Crimsafe. Apart from keeping out intruders, these screens also keep out insects and can provide fire resistance and cyclone and storm protection, as well as being energy efficient.

Whether you live in the inner city, beachside on the Gold Coast or in the suburbs, Securelux can help you with the right Crimsafe sliding doors for your home. Our team can provide a free consultation, measure and quote, before your sliding doors are made in our South Brisbane factory and installed by our own team of installers.

If you’re looking for the peace of mind of installing security sliding screens to your home, but don’t want to lose your outlook. Try Crimsafe stainless steel, super-strong with high-durability powder coat sliding doors. Wide range of sliding security screen doors available.