KidScreen Polyester Mesh

A unique patent design, cost effective barrier solution designed specifically for child protection of openable windows.
Since 1st May 2013, there has been a requirement in the national construction code for the protection of openable windows for all new construction where windows are positioned 2 metres above the ground floor. These windows must be restricted or protected in a way to not permit a 125mm opening and resist a 250N outward force.

The KidScreen Window Fall Prevention (KWFP) system was developed as a budget friendly option to embrace these building change requirements and has done so exceptionally without the need of restricted openings. The use of KidScreen Window Fall Prevention Polyester Mesh screens when secured to the window means it can be left fully open allowing natural air ventilation of the window.

The KidScreen Window Fall Prevention Polyester Mesh ensures compliance to various building construction requirements without compromising the look of the window. The KidScreen Window Fall Prevention screen can be used on both timber & Aluminum windows. The screen frame is only available in aluminum for strength.

The Fall Prevention Polyester Mesh screens are custom built & made to measure to meet the exact requirement of the National Construction Code (Vol 1: D.2.24 & Vol 2: ensuring that your children are in the safest possible environment. It also protects your home from flying insects while maintaining the view.

KidScreen Window Fall Prevention Polyester Mesh screens are a budget friendly option that do not compromise your children’s safety.

KidScreen Reinforced Polyester Mesh Comparison Table

COMPARISON Flyscreen KidScreen Polyester Mesh Crimsafe First Crimsafe Classic
Child Fall Prevention Screen
Material Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester Mesh 304 grade structural stainless steel 304 grade structural stainless steel
Infill / Mesh Thickness (mm) 0.3mm 0.6mm 0.8mm 0.9mm
Aperture Size (mm) 1.2mm x 1.2mm 0.9mm x 2mm 1.5mm x 1.5mm 1.5mm x 1.5mm
Ventilation / Open Area 63% 37% 53% 53%
Warranty 7 Years 8 Years 12 Years
Exceeds 250N / 25kgs Force
Angle of View 160° 90° 160° 160°
Insect Protection
NATA Tested & Certified
Protection of Openable Window (AS5203)
Knife Shear Test (AS5041 & AS5039)
Dynamic Impact Test (AS5041 & AS5039)
Fire Attenuation (AS1530.4)
(Corrosion) Neutral Salt Spray Test (AS2331.3.1)
Bushfire Rated (AS3959)
Energy Rated (WERS)

Tried and tested again and again

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