If you’ve got a family holiday planned this Easter, make sure your home is safe while you’re away Crimsafe on the Gold Coast is one of the best protection options for your home, making it harder to get into your property. We’ve put together some great little tips to prepare before heading away this holiday period.

Easter Home Safety Tips with Crimsafe Gold Coast

Keep Your Plans Offline

Do you usually update your social media pages when you’re heading away or post photos when on holidays? Depending on how much info you share online, it may be easy for a potential thief to track down your home while you’re away. Never post where you are going to, when  you are heading away or when you’ll be back.

Ask a Neighbour to Keep an Eye on Your Home

If you have a trusted neighbour, ask them to keep an eye on your home and collect your mail. They can also put your bin out and bring it in once collected to make it look like someone is home. To make it look like someone is home, you could also use lights on a timer (but let your neighbour know so that they don’t call you unnecessarily.

Tidy the Garden

Something thieves love more than anything else is privacy. Make sure you clear away any overgrown shrubs or branches from trees that shield your home from your neighbours. By ensuring a clear line of sight to your home, it will be much easier for someone to notice an attempted break-in.

Install Crimsafe Security Screens

There is little to top installing Crimsafe security screens and doors in your Gold Coast home before you go away at Easter. These screens are designed to keep intruders out and can be designed to fit most styles and sizes of windows and doors.

To get your home Crimsafe, call Securelux today. We offer a free inspection and quote, and with our Crimsafe doors and screens made right here in South East Queensland, you won’t need to wait long.