One of the biggest fears of many people is having their home broken into while their family is asleep or while they are away on holidays. But this doesn’t need to be an issue; Securelux is one of the top installers of Crimsafe windows on the Gold Coast and can help ensure your home is safe from intruders 24/7.
A family owned business, there’s plenty of reasons to use the services of Securelux. Crimsafe is one of the leaders in home security, using a woven stainless steel mesh in their security window screens and doors that is stronger than other products on the market and looks a lot better than the old style security door and window screens.
So how can Securelux help you ensure your home is safe?

1.Our installers are employees and not contractors

By having our own employees do the job, we know that our clients will be well looked after. Our standards are high, and we ensure our installers and staff go through regular training to keep up to date with the latest products and installation methods. Our staff work under supervision and because they aren’t paid per job, they spend more time ensuring it’s done right.

2. Supply Australian made Austral locks that can handle the changing Gold Coast weather conditions

The weather on the Gold Coast can be unpredictable at times so we make sure that all locks in our Crimsafe windows and doors are designed to stand up and last. Austral locks are made in Australia and consistently produced at a high level ensuring you get the best made to last.

3. Utilise the right installation method for your windows and doors

As part of using Securelux to install your Crimsafe windows, we ensure the right installation method is used every time. The installation is one of the most important parts of ensuring your home is safe from break-ins. Our experience in the industry means that we can tell which installation method is best for the windows you have in your home, allowing for a stronger and better looking fit.

No one wants to be broken into while asleep or exploring the world; make sure you get your security windows from a family owned Crimsafe windows Gold Coast installer – Securelux.