Are you looking for extra security above the security screens and doors you already have on your home? Maybe it’s time to consider installing 3M Film on your Brisbane home.

3M Security Film works in conjunction with your security screens – it sits on top of you glass windows and protects glass panels from being broken. When combined with Crimsafe security screens, an intruder is going to find it very difficult to break into your home.

How 3M Film Protects Your Brisbane Home

3M Film is made from a tear and penetration resistant material that provides superior strength over competing products on the market. Most window films tear quite easily, however 3M is made with multiple micro-thin layers which makes your windows stronger. The adhesive holds the glass together should there be an impact, which provides peace of mind should someone try to break into your home.

Wondering where to install 3M Security Film in your Brisbane home? Obviously we are going to recommend that you consider installing it on all windows and glass doors, but we know that may not be an immediate option. Essentially, you should install the film on the pain entry points for intruders which are usually glass panels beside your front door, or glass sliding doors in your home.

What Benefits are There to 3M Film?

3M Film offers plenty of benefits to Brisbane homeowners, including:

  • can help prevent major injury from a child or adult falling through a glass door or window
  • prevents glass being broken and if it is broken, the adhesive holds the window together
  • offers protection against broken glass or flying shards through storm damage
  • provides protection from ball games or flying rocks from the mower
  • film can reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat
  • reduced power bills due to stopping the heat entering your home

If you want to add more security to your home, call the professional and experienced team at Securelux. We’ll organise a time to inspect your home and provide you with the best security information to help you make an informed choice.