Security Screens Gold CoastStandards for security screens Gold Coast wide

Buying a new security screen door for your home can be harder than it looks. Unfortunately, the term ‘security door’ is generic. This means that anyone can call their product a security door without being held to standards. The good news is that if a security door passes Australian standards, such as AS5041-2003, it means it has passed thorough testing. Testing for these security standards include:

  • Dynamic Impact Test. This test simulates the impact of a kick to the grille of the door. Would-be burglars commonly kick in the mesh of security doors as it tends to be a point of weakness. So it’s important that your security door passes this test.
  • Knife Shear test. On weaker security screens, a sharp knife may be able to cut through the mesh. This allows easy access for unwanted intruders. Stronger steel meshes and grilles will withstand repeated knife blows.
  • Anti-jemmy Test. Burglars will commonly use a crowbar or lever to prise open and bend the door, creating an opening. To pass this test, the door must remain securely closed.
  • Probe Test. During this test, the security door panel is checked to see how easy it is to create a gap between the door and the surrounding frame. This simulates an intruder putting their hand through to reach a door handle or lock.
  • Pull Test. This test is done if an opening can be created in the anti-jemmy test. It is performed to measure if the gap created can be opened to a certain degree by pulling on it.

These standards are just some of the things to look out for when finding security screens Gold Coast wide. Talk to the team at Securelux to find out what the best option for your needs is.