Window Security Screens Gold CoastWindow security screens Gold Coast – How to

Installing security windows in your home or office will give you peace of mind. The peace of mind you need when you go off to work each day or head away on holiday. But not all installers are the same. How do you shop for the best window security screens Gold Coast has to offer? Here are our top tips.

Trained installers

As you are trusting someone with handling the security of your home, you want to ensure they have been properly trained and are trustworthy. Pick a business that employs installers so that you know installations are carried out to company standards as they are paid a salary. A contractor is paid by the project. This means they may take shortcuts to complete more more work.

Quality products

When it comes to window security, make sure that the installation company is using quality materials. Crimsafe is the industry leader in stainless steel security systems. It has been independently tested to exceed Australian standards. Australian-made is usually the best way to go as the product has been made to specifically handle the harsh weather conditions – the lock won’t be affected by house movement caused by humidity, heat, and wet weather.

Ask the right questions

Shop around and get quotes but make sure you understand the services being offered. The most expensive quote may not necessarily be the best service and vice versa. Make sure your installer is fully licensed and authorised and confirm that any products or accessories have warranty in case something goes wrong.