Most of us in the Brisbane or Gold Coast areas have a few simple security measures in our homes or businesses, such as security screens and cameras. But have you thought about your unprotected glass panes? It takes very little effort for criminals to smash regular glass panes and be in and out of your home or business within minutes. This is where 3m security film can come in to help.

Whether you are looking for extra protection around the home to provide higher levels of safety for your loved ones, or you are looking to better protect your business, employees and customers, 3m security film can help to give you peace of mind.

3m security film is a tear and penetration resistant film material made of multiple, micro- thin layers. It is a clear film that adheres over the top of glass panes (including windows, doors and other glass panels), reinforcing and providing incredible strength to the glass, holding it together upon impact. It makes the glass so strong that common tools thieves use, such as a crowbar or baseball bat, can be taken to the pane numerous times and it will not break. This is highly likely to deter criminals as they are always looking for fast ways to break during a “smash and grab” robbery. Once they realise getting access is going to be extremely difficult and noisy, they go away.
3m security film is a product from Crimsafe, who for many years now have been renowned for their superior safety products. Their product is known to have superior strength over cheaper imitation films. To have the best levels of protection for your family and loved ones, you are better off choosing the best on the market.

So, if you are in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast and are looking to take your home or business security to the next level, give us a call today to talk more about 3m security film.