When looking to protect their home, not all homeowners want to install security screens, while others want additional security on their windows to protect their home from intruders. This is where 3M window film comes in. But 3M film does more than just protect your home from intruders.

Eliminate Excessive Heat

If you live in Queensland, you know just how easily the inside of your home can heat up, particularly during summer. Curtains and blinds can offer privacy and block some of the heat, but this also means you miss most of your natural light. 3M Window Film can help get rid of the hot spots in your home, while still allowing you to enjoy the view outside.

3M Film can reduce up to 78% of the heat from the sun, and block up to 99% of UV rays.

Protecting Furnishings

Most of us have seen our furnishings fade over time, particularly in rooms that see a lot of sun. Everything from pictures through to carpets can fade and suffer damage over periods of time. Because 3M film helps to eliminate UV rays, damage to your furnishings will be minimised.

Lower Cooling Costs

With heat reduction comes lower cooling costs, which in turns means less stress on your pockets over summer. With less heat coming through your windows, you’ll find that your air conditioner will cool your home quicker and without overworking when installing 3M Window Film.

Improved Security

One of the reasons many home owners install 3M window film is the increased safety and security to your home. The extra layer of film makes it much harder for windows to be broken, and the film helps to hold all the glass together, whether through impact from an attempted break in, natural disasters or that tennis ball that’s been hit in the wrong direction.

Where to Buy 3M Window Film

Securelux is a leading installer of 3M Window Film in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We can answer your questions on how 3M film can assist in adding safety and security to your home.  Call 1300 115 151 to arrange a free measure, quote and consultation.