There’s no denying that Brisbane is a pretty amazing place to live – for a city, there’s a great lifestyle without all the rushing and hustle of other capital cities. Unfortunately though, as with almost everywhere else, there is still a need for installing security screens on your Brisbane property, whether it be your home or your business.

Let’s take a look at just three of the many benefits of installing security screens on your Brisbane property.

Security Measures

The first, and the most popular, reason for installing security screens is providing an additional layer of security to your home or your business. Security screens can be used on your windows and doors, protecting both common entry points. Crimsafe provides a high level of security without the traditional bars and grilles. Securelux is a licensee of Crimsafe products, producing made-to-measure window and door screens in their South Brisbane factory.

Crimsafe screens exceed the required Australian standard for impact and leverage, using their screw clamp technology and a stainless steel mesh.

Weather Resistance

While Brisbane living is fantastic, we do need to keep in mind those summer storms that can easily roll in without much warning or those winter westerlies which can blow a gale. That’s why it’s important to choose security screens on your Brisbane property that provide a level of protection against flying debris, while still being able to listen to the rain or enjoy the breeze. If you live close to the beach,  you also need to choose a screen that has undergone salt spray testing and is corrosion resistant.

Insect Protection

Again, living in Brisbane is great but those sandflies, mosquitoes and flies can make like quite unenjoyable. A security screen like Crimsafe  provides a good level of protection against insects entering your home, while you still get to enjoy the view outside and catch any summer breezes.

Considering installing security screens in your Brisbane property? Talk to the friendly team at Securelux today, organise an on-site consulation and see what security screen best suits your needs.