Crimsafe AlternativeSecurity Doors Brisbane: Our Tips

When choosing security doors in Brisbane, or anywhere, you want to make sure you’re making the right choice. After all, they are protecting your home and family from potential intruders. Plus, they aren’t cheap! So here are 3 tips for choosing the right ones for your family.

  1. What is the door made of? Aluminium doors are cheaper and lighter, but they are also a lot easier to break into. Depending on your security needs, you may want to go for a stainless steel mesh option, like Crimsafe. Steel doors are much heavier duty, so they are harder to prise the door open.
  2. Security testing. Two security doors side by side may look identical. But one of them might be a cheaper alternative that isn’t held to the same manufacturing or security standards. While the other one may be a lot tougher and meet national safety standards. Check with the manufacturer what standards and codes they meet before purchasing your security door. Crimsafe doors meet the Australian standard.
  3. Warranty. It’s no good buying a new security door if you can’t trust that it’s going to last. Check out the warranty options for the door you are looking at buying. If you have any problems with it within the warranty period, you’ll have the peace of mind that you can have it fixed or replaced if need be.

Looks. While everything we have mentioned above is important, you of course need to take the aesthetic aspects into consideration. What type of security doors will suit your house the best? There are so many options at Securelux – so you can have something that looks great, and protects your family all at the same time. Contact us for a measure and quote.