Does your Brisbane home have security windows or are you still living with flyscreen? If you’ve been tossing up whether to get security screens in your Brisbane home, here’s three great reasons to.

3 Reasons to Install Security Windows in Brisbane

1 . Heavy duty = better protection

If you’ve ever looked at windows with standard flyscreen protecting them, you’ll know it isn’t an effective safety measure. Sure, they might keep insects out, but they aren’t going to keep intruders out.  Crimsafe is another great choice for security windows in Brisbane, as these screens have superior strength against impact and can’t be cut into.

2 .  Insect protection

Sure, a standard flyscreen window will keep insects out, however the stronger and smaller mesh used on security windows fitted by Securelux means you keep bugs out for longer – you’ll notice less insects in your home, without losing the air flow that is so important during those hot summer nights.

3 . Stronger

Crimsafe is the strongest stainless steel mesh security screen on the market, up to 26.5% times stronger than the nearest competitor. With thicker, stronger mesh, a unique fastening system and a clip on cover, your home and business will be well secured.

Securelux is a registered manufacturer and installer of Crimsafe. If you’re looking for security windows in Brisbane, contact the friendly and professional team at Securelux to organise a free quote and consultation at your home or business.