Considering upgrading the look of your home but don’t want to do a full renovation? Installing plantation shutters in Brisbane homes brings plenty of benefits, from a stylish look to better security.

5 Benefits of Plantation Shutters in Brisbane Homes

Protection during summer and winter

Not only do plantation shutters look great, they provide good protection from the heat, and keep the house warm during winter. With Queensland summers feeling like they are getting longer and hotter, there can be nothing better than a security screen or shutter that helps keep your house cooler. Plantation shutters also let you control the air flow and ventilation in the room so you can let those cooler breezes through while still protecting from the heat.

Privacy & Security

It may not seem like it, but plantation shutters provide quite a lot of security and privacy. These shutters are lockable, and made from high grade aluminium giving them additional strength. You can set the shutters at any angle and get privacy from the street or your neighbours, while still enjoying any cool breezes.

Light Control

Whether you want to fill a room with bright sunshine or close it up to watch a movie or take an afternoon nap, plantation shutters offer you the convenience of setting the light level in the room where you want it.

Easy to Clean

If you’ve ever tried cleaning blinds and curtains, you know just how time consuming it can be. Plantation shutters are easy – a quick wipe over and you’re done. No need to put through the washing machine or take down to clean.


Plantation shutters bring a stylish and modern look to almost any home. Forget doing a whole renovation – these are perfect for a quick room makeover. Because they bring a fresh look to a house, these shutters can also help raise interest and value in your home when it comes time to sell.

Securelux offer a range of plantation shutters in Brisbane, suitable for both older home and newer builds. If you’d like to find out more about what type of shutters would suit your home, call the team today.