There are plenty of reasons to install window security screens on your Brisbane home. For most home owners, the safety and security of their family is the number one reason. For others, its a matter of replacing the security screens that were already installed. If you are thinking of replacing your window security screens, or installing new ones on your Brisbane home, here’s our top 5 tips.

Tips for Choosing Window Security Screens in Brisbane

Choose a brand that meets or exceeds Australian standards

The Australian Standards are the minimum that you should accept when it comes to window security screens for your home. These standards set out the minimum safety and security requirements, as well as how they security screens should be tested and how they should perform.

Choose a licensed and experienced installer

When installing security screens to your home, ensure you choose a licensed and experienced installer. You should choose a company that has had plenty of years experience in the industry, can explain the benefits of one type of security screen over another. The company you choose should provide a consult and quote advising you of the best option for your home.

Choose screens that can be custom fit to your home

Buying security screens off the shelf can often lead to ill-fitting screens that make it easy for a burglar to enter your home. Custom made security screens for windows and doors are essential in protecting your home correctly.

Use screens that are made from stainless steel mesh

Stainless steel mesh, like that used in Crimsafe, is one of the strongest products on the market when it comes to window security screens. This material is harder to cut through and harder to be kicked in, meaning it protects your property for longer. Cheap security screens can be easily cut allowing a burglar to open your window locks and enter your home.

Choose a screen that fits your home’s style

Picking a security screen off the shelf means you are stuck with whatever is available on the day. When you use a licensed supplier of window security screens, you can choose an option that suits both your home’s style, as well as the style of windows that you have.

Considering new window security screens on your Brisbane home? Securelux provides a range of screens that are custom built to fit your windows from their factory south of Brisbane. With plenty of years of experience, our professional team can help you protect your home. Organise a free consult today.