A question we often get asked here at Securelux is whether we can install doggy doors into Crimsafe doors. It is thought that installing a doggy door may compromise the safety of a home, and the answer is “it may do”. Any installation of a doggy door, particularly for medium and large dogs may provide a burglar access to a home – particularly if it is large enough to fit a small human through it.

Doggy doors work well if installed for small dogs, and the main door is only left open when you are in the room. If you head upstairs, or to the front of the house, to maintain your security you would need to close this main door. If you head out, you would need to ensure the main door is closed, which makes the doggy door useless.

Crimsafe doors and screens are designed to protect your home, your safety and the safety of your family. A doggy door installed is a weak link in this security.

Sadly for all the dog lovers, Crimsafe warranty does not cover a doggy door installation simply due to the fact that installing one compromises the safety these doors are known for. It can be done, however, as a homeowner you need to be aware that your security screen won’t be a secure as you may like it to be (and you won’t be covered under warranty).

There are some alternatives on the market that may be more suitable, and won’t compromise the safety of your home. Pet door inserts are a viable option and can be used as a temporary or permanent change to your home. There are also near invisible pet flaps on the market that can be installed into glass doors.

It is important to remember that the safety of your home and your family comes first. If a pet door is big enough for a medium to big dog – it is big enough for a small human to fit through.

If you are still interested in security door options that allow you to install a pet door, have a chat with us. We’d be happy to answer any questions.