Crimsafe is one of the strongest and most long-lasting alternatives for home safety and security. They are the industry leader in the protection of stainless-steel security screens with custom designed to suit almost any building.

But why should you choose Crimsafe doors?

Toughness: Crimsafe distinguishes itself by being tougher than the competitors. The tighter, thicker mesh and novel screw-clap mechanism have been repeatedly demonstrated to be tougher and more difficult to breach than competitors.

Tensile Strength: Crimsafe’s 304-grade tensile stainless-steel mesh is more difficult to cut or pierce. With a diameter of 0.9mm, it is up to 26% thicker in cross-section than most other competitive goods on the market. They used this and built Tensile-Tough mesh to absorb the impact of an attack while staying strong because rigorous testing has shown that 304 structural grade stainless steel surpasses 316 grades.

Appearance: Crimsafe is also visually appealing. The stainless-steel mesh screens provide maximum security without the prison-like appearance of bars or grilles. The powder-coated mesh screens and frames have simple clean lines that are as appealing as the sense of security they provide.

Energy Efficient: Crimsafe helps to save energy. Glass windows and doors can contribute up to 40% of domestic heat gain/loss. Installing Crimsafe in these areas will improve cooling and heat retention, as well as the overall cost savings of a structure.

Corrosion Resistant: Crimsafe is corrosion resistant. Their screens have been salt-spray tested for over 3000 hours, simulating 30 years of outside exposure, with no corrosion, loss of adhesion, or blistering.

Warranty: Crimsafe offers a ten-year warranty for your peace of mind.

What are the different types of doors Crimsafe has to offer?

Crimsafe has a variety of security doors to offer for maximum safety and peace of mind. Here are the product offerings of Crimsafe.

Hinged Doors: A standard security screen door will not deter a professional burglar. That is why Crimsafe hinged security screen doors have been built with a variety of unique features to provide the level of protection that will. Crimsafe creates an extraordinarily robust barrier to keep unwelcome guests out with sturdy hinges on one door jamb and a secure three-point locking mechanism on the other.

Sliding Doors: Crimsafe sliding doors include a one-of-a-kind locking mechanism inside the door frame as well as three locking points secured in the exterior frame channel. The sliding door panel is also snugly fixed between the rails, ensuring that your doors operate smoothly every time. Crimsafe sliding doors may be built to fit any doorway, regardless of how tiny or broad it is. There is also no need for ugly bars and grilles. Crimsafe offers unobstructed views and a sense of free space.

Stacking Doors: Crimsafe security screen stacking doors are a simple solution that may turn your doorway from completely protected to open and welcoming in a matter of seconds. Crimsafe stacking security screens can secure your stacking doors while allowing natural light and fresh air to pass through. To suit your opening, they can be set to lock in the center or along the right or left door jambs. To build robust and secure connections, each panel interlocks at the frame edge meeting point. It is perfect for protecting the open living areas in your home.

French Doors: Many robbers regard French doors as an easy entry into your home. Crimsafe devised a technique in which one screen is bolted top and bottom for rigidity, and the other is locked to it with a three-point mechanism. There’s no need to sacrifice either appearance or security. Crimsafe French security screen doors are designed to complement your current doors, creating a great visual balance while keeping your house and family safe. It also has a triple locking mechanism, which includes top, center, and bottom locking mechanisms for more strength, security, and peace of mind.

Bi-Fold Doors: Crimsafe’s Bi-Fold security screen doors are perfect for decks, enclosures, and other large openings. They can be added to existing doors or used as a stand-alone security screen solution. Crimsafe are the professionals when it comes to fitting bi-fold doors. Our multi-panel hinged door is custom-made to fit the dimensions of your home. Bi-fold doors come in a variety of panel widths and heights up to 3 meters. They can fold in or out and concertina from the centre or the sides.

Crimsafe is the best and safest option to get optimum security with enormous benefits of great service and high-quality products.

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