Many of our clients have questions about their windows and security screens. They are not sure what type of security screen is most suitable for their windows. We use CrimSafe security screens that are suitable for all window types including: fixed, casement – style, sliding, hinged or louvered windows. There are 4 different options that CrimSafe has available.


A fixed window security screen is a non- moving panel. These are highly suitable for bedrooms or children’s playrooms as they do not move. This can prevent children from accidentally falling out of the window which is a possibility with other moveable security screens or fly screens.


Hinged window security screens have a hinge along one side of the screen allowing it to swing inward and outward from your choice of either the top or the side.

These are a great choice if regular access to the window is required.


Sliding window security screens can be single, double, or triple. They can be made to slide from one side to another or panels that lock in the centre and slide apart from each other.

These are a fantastic option for servery windows as they will allow you to easily access an outdoor area when entertaining and then be secured at all other times.


CrimSafe’s patented Safe-S-Capes® window security screens are designed to create an exit in case of an emergency whilst still fully protecting against intruders. It uses a keyless, one-touch release system that allows you to escape instantly if needed.

For any further questions about your windows and security screens, give the friendly Securelux team a call today.