Security Doors

The main goal of security doors is to protect your home, family, and/or office space from unwanted intruders. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each one serving a different purpose while protecting your space. Many of them work together to provide your home with the best security possible.

Screen Doors

For many people, screen doors are all about keeping flies and other bugs out. Security screen doors can be seen as an added layer of protection. You can open the main door and see out without opening the security door, meaning anyone looking to break in has an added layer to get through.

Sliding Doors

Sliding security doors are made up of a mixture of strong materials that provides a great defense against intruders. You can add locks for extra protection, while also being able to open them when you like. They simply add an extra layer of protection to your home.

Choosing The Right One

If you are stuck choosing which door will best work for your home and/or office needs, ask the experts at Securelux to help you out. They stock a large range of security doors and are able to talk you through the benefits of each one to best protection your home.

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