When it comes to protecting your home and your family, we don’t believe you can ever be too safe.

You may have taken the time to install security screens and doors on your home, however 3M Security Film sits on top of your glass windows, essentially providing extra security and extra strength. The film protects your glass panels from being broken.

How Does 3M Security Film Work?

At a very base level, 3M Security Film is made from multiple micro-thin layers of a tear and penetration resistant material. It is these multiple layers that make your windows strong. The adhesives used in the film hold the glass together upon impact, meaning that glass doesn’t shatter everywhere and your property cannot be accessed.

Wondering where you should install 3M Security Film for the best security? Of course we recommend that you should consider installing film on all windows and glass doors throughout your home, however the top priority should be any glass panels beside your entry doors or glass sliding entry doors. Intruders will often first see if your front door is unlocked, and if not, break any glass panels where they can easily slide in a hand and unlock your door.

Benefits of 3M Security Film

There are plenty of benefits to installing 3M Security Film on your home, and not all of them security related. Let’s take a look at some reasons:

  • Stop injuries that result from adults or children accidently crashing through glass doors and windows
  • Protection against flying shards of glass through storm damage
  • Protection from outdoor activities such as balls and rocks from the mower
  • Vandalism could be limited to replacing one pane of glass instead of multiple
  • Reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat and 93% of annoying glare
  • Contribute to reducing energy consumption inside the home in the form of heating and cooling

So, does 3M Security Film work in preventing intruders getting into your home? It certainly does that and more! If you’d like to chat about the benefits of installing security film on the glass windows and doors in your home, call us today.