French Doors are a great addition to any Brisbane home, giving you the opportunity to open your home up to the outside environment whether through fresh breezes or views.

However, all the glass panes in French Doors can make them easier to break into, and while an intruder isn’t going to crawl through those small frames, they can break the glass of the frame closest to the door lock and enter your home that way.

But you don’t need to get rid of those doors. Securelux offers French Door security screens in Brisbane which can provide your home with extra protection without losing your views or fresh air.

Crimsafe French Door screens have been designed to complement your home, giving you the balance between style and safety.

How Do Crimsafe French Door Security Screens Work?

This is a question we get asked regularly – how do you put a security screen on a door that is essentially double the size of a normal door? It’s easy.

With Crimsafe’s French Door security screens in Brisbane, the screen doors can sit on the inside of the door or on the outside of the door as per a normal security screen. One screen is bolted at the top and the bottom, giving additional strength, while the other side locks in using a three-point mechanism. This gives your home added protection.

Similar to all Crimsafe security screens, these French Door screens utilise the unique Screw-Clamp technology, and Tensile Tuff Mesh. Working together, your security screen doors will be able to absorb and disperse the impact from someone trying to enter your home.

Other Benefits of French Door Security Screens

We know that living in Brisbane means hot summer nights where you don’t want to have everything shut up with no airflow, as well as insects.

Like the other styles of Crimsafe security screen doors, the French security doors are 99% effective against flies, bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects, as well as giving you the benefit of fresh air, natural light, and cool breezes without compromising the safety of your home.

When you buy security screen doors “off the shelf” at your local hardware store, not only do you not get the benefit of Crimsafe’s Tensile Tuff mesh, but you are also generally very limited in your colour selection. These screens come in a wide range of colours to suit any home, with colour customisation available. There is also an option for a woodgrain or anodised look.

Why Choose Crimsafe Security Screens for Your French Doors

There are five main reasons to choose Crimsafe for your French Doors.

  • They can fit over your existing doors giving you a streamlined appearance
  • They have a strong triple locking mechanism
  • They provide a barrier against intruders, as well as insects and bugs
  • Made to measure so that they fit your home, physically and aesthetically
  • Available to be made with all Crimsafe Mesh styles

French Doors are perfect for the Brisbane climate, allowing you to really enjoy the warm summers and the cooler winters. Installing French Door Security Screens allows you to keep these benefits, giving you the lifestyle you’ve come to enjoy while still keeping everything safe.

Whether you have glass doors or timber doors, Crimsafe’s French Door Security Screens are a great way to protect your home, and your family while still enjoying all the benefits that French Doors bring.

Don’t spend another year worried about leaving your French Doors open when you aren’t in the room. Securelux can custom fit your home with Crimsafe French Door Security Screens, leaving you feeling safe. Contact us today.